Guest speaker at the October Stilwell Chamber of Commerce meeting, City Clerk Larry Nettles, shared about a sidewalk grant the city received. 

Stilwell will be safer and more attractive with new sidewalks next year.

This was the message City Clerk Larry Nettles shared with members of the Stilwell Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday, for the October monthly meeting at noon, and this month at Rowan's. Sometimes the group meets at the Depot.

A grant that was initiated when Ronnie Trentham was mayor has been received by the city, said Nettles. The city expects to kick off the project in mid-December.

The grant for $200,000 was for materials and labor.

“While $200,000 will not build all the sidewalks, I think I’ve persuaded them to let us use those federal dollars received through the state Department of Transportation, by having our employees do the work,” Nettles said.

More sidewalk can be put down by using the city’s labor.

“If we contract out the work, it would cost about $590,000 to do all the sidewalks. We’re paying our employees, anyway, and they do food work on sidewalks,” he said.

The sidewalks will be 4 feet wide. The project will start at the elementary school and go to the post office.

“As we’ve been working around town, like on Chestnut Street, we’ve uncovered sidewalks and curbs that were covered up. No one’s fault; just over time, it happened,” Nettles said.

The sidewalks will Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant, he said.

“This will allow us to put in a nice safe ADA-compliant sidewalk to help kids get to school safely. We plan to start at the school and work our way out,” he said.

It will look good and be safe, he said.

“I’m all about looks and how the town looks; that speaks a lot about us,” said Nettles.