Mayor Jean Ann Wright announced during the Stilwell City Council's Oct. 5 meeting at 5 p.m. that the city has been approved for CARES Act funding, but has not yet received the money.

Trunkoween will be held Friday, Oct. 30 from 4:30 to 6 p.m. unless COVID gets worse. Cruise night and a car show are tentatively planned for Nov. 7, depending on COVID.

An appeal by Tiny Hill, represented by Ralph Keen, requested more time on property improvements. With no sale offers at this time, and nothing being done to fix the property or make it safe, councilors said they were not inclined to allow this. They did table until the next meeting to allow the mayor, Code Enforcement Officer Shawn Noel, and City Attorney Jeff Jones to consider options and come back with recommendations.

“We need to clean it up or tear it down, put a lien on on it. If it’s a health hazard, we have to do something,” Jones said.

The property in question is the former Tag Office downtown. The councilors agreed they would not like to see another hole in the downtown area.

“We’ve put this off since March, and there are big rocks that could be a danger and people downtown at all hours,” said Wright.

The city agreed to pay an additional $22,697 to reimburse the Kiwanis Club for the sails that will shade the play area, in addition to the $40,100 already donated to the park project.

Code Enforcement and Animal Control Manager Shawn Noel said the city has worked out a spay, neuter and release program so animals can live out their lives without having to be euthanized.

Dale Dandridge, supervisor of streets and sanitation, reported a lot of mowing and maintenance, while working on streets.

Back in the early 1970s, the city passed a pawn shop ordinance and the next year, the state changed, said Larry Nettles, city clerk.

“We never brought it up to current state law and this makes our ordinance coincide with state law,” Nettles said.