Criminal Misdemeanor

Darrell Ray Easter, Public Intoxication

Amber Dick, Domestic Assault and Battery in Presence of Minor

Clarence Levi Newby, Malicious Injury to Property – Under $1000

Henry Jay Duncan, Driving Under Suspension

Steven Swain, Operating MV Without Being Licensed

Malea Easter, Operating MV Without Being Licensed or With Expired DL

Ernie T. Ivers, Dog at Large

Chalon Rebecca Johnson, Driving Under Suspension, Taxes Due to State, Controlled Drug Schedule II Misdemeanor (Using MV), Transporting Open Container – Alcohol

Tina Workman, Bogus Check 

Ashley Hummingbird, Violation of Compulsory Education Act

Arin L. Osborn, Violation of Compulsory Education Act

Chloe Davis, Violation of Compulsory Education Act

Crystal Cherie Armstrong, Uttering Forged Instrument

David Haddock, Possession of Controlled Dangerous Substance, Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia 

Becky Lynn Muskrat, Violation of Compulsory Education Act

Jose Guevara, Violation of Compulsory Education Act

Kimberly Dawn Fields, Violation of Compulsory Education Act


Minister’s Credentials

David Wayne Hale

Wanda Ruth Elliott

Johnny Lee Cochran Jr.

Norman Piemann



Misael J Sanchez, Speed Not Reasonable and Property

Shannon Eugene Darter, Taxes Due to State

Juan Carlos Navarro, Child Restraint Violations

Philip James Cochran, Speeding 11-14 MPH Over

Rachell Ann Sands, Violation of DL Restrictions

Johnny L Bogert, Driver Not Wearing Seat Belt

Michael Wayne Colston, Driver Not Wearing Seat Belt

George Michael Malone, Left of Center on Curve – Approaching RR, Intersection, Bridge, Tunnel

Cole Hunter Johnson, Driver Not Wearing Seat Belt

Troy Dale Eubanks Jr, Operating MV Without Being License or With Expired DL

Valerie Sue Kimmel, Speeding 15 MPH Over


Civil Relief Less Than $10,000

Autovest LLC v Rya Newby, Breach of Agreement – Contract


Civil Relief More Than $10,000

Finance of America Reverse LLC v The Heirs, Personal Representatives, Devisees, Trustees, Successors and Assigns of Miguel Angel Baez-Cruz, Deceased, Foreclosure


Family and Domestic

George Drain v Patricia Drain, Divorce Without Minor Children

Jakkie L. Harjo v Robert Micco Harjo, Divorce Without Minor Children

Whitney Nicole Duvall v Billie Kester, Divorce Without Minor Children


Marriage License

Cody Lane Mathis and Makayla Montana Wren

Brendan Kyle Wolf and Conceicao Tatiany Rufino

Tal Allen Sands and Rachel Grace Elliott

Ronald Dean Mouse Jr. and Cheyenne Denae Monroe

Raymond Byrd Sidebottom and Tinisha Lasha Lewis

Lonnie Alan Davsion v Dakota Nichole Webb


Civil Miscellaneous

Susan Gail Sanders and Daniel Paul Hill, Plaintiff, v Grady Buck Hill, Deceased, Norma Pauline Hill, Deceased, Grady Bruce Hill, Sheryl Elaine Hill, Donna Joann Hill Duckering, Daniel Paul Hill, Susan Gail Hill Sanders, Jalen Hill, Jasmine Dayne Phillips Horton, The Morre Family Trust Dated April 21, 1993, The Moore Family Living Trust Dated April 21, 1993, Marc Edelman, The Known or Unknown Heirs, Living or Deceased, of Francis W Dyke, Dyke Associates, Inc dba Dyke Lumber Co, Donovan W Banzett, Osa Lee Banzett, Roy L Bilheimer and James T. Dyke, Defendants, Quiet Title

The Emmett D. Nolan Survivor’s Trust Dated January 24, 2006, Plaintiff, v Benjamin Squirrel, Coleman Swimmer, and Notice to the Area Director of the Five Civilized Tribes of Indians, Muskogee, Oklahoma, Defendants, Quiet Title

Vernon James v Bertha Morris, Quiet Title


Protective Order

Kelsey Vann v Taylor Chuculate

Carol Lynn Odle v Daniel Joseph Belloma

Shana Henderson v Dustan Ryan Henderson

Nalia Xiong v Neng Yee Kong

Angela Hughes v Michael Hughes

Kyle Joseph Swafford v Jessica W. Swafford

Jessica W. Swafford v Kyle Joseph Swafford


Small Claims

Armstrong Bank v Tyre L. Ford, Indebtedness <$5000.00

Armstrong Bank v Kenneth Holman, Indebtedness <$5000.00

Armstrong Bank v Jamie L. Brown, Indebtedness <$5000.00

Armstrong Bank v Tiffany Garnett Garcia, Indebtedness <$5000.00

Armstrong Bank v Joe Clyde Eddings, Indebtedness <$5000.00

Armstrong Bank v Michael David Christie, Indebtedness <$5000.00

Speedy Loans v Maggie Smith, Indebtedness <$5000.00

Speedy Loans v Robert Duncan, Indebtedness <$5000.00

Speedy Loans v Kandi Shell, Indebtedness <$5000.00

Speedy Loans v Dylan McGee, Indebtedness <$5000.00

Speedy Loans v Arron Gonzalis, Indebtedness <$5000.00

Bobby Dale Christie and Gerald Coleman v Jennifer Camacho, Forcible Entry and Detainer <$5000.00

Adair County Health Center v Summer Contu, Indebtedness <$5000.00

Speedy Loans v Laura Cochran, Indebtedness <$5000.00

Adair County Health Center v Melissa I Wolf, Indebtedness <$5000.00

Adair County Health Center v Jason Hopkins, Indebtedness <$5000.00

Adair County Health Center v Sandra Wagner and Christopher James Wagner,  Indebtedness <$5000.00

Speedy Loans v Chance Hopkins, Indebtedness <$5000.00

Speedy Loans v Felicia Scrapper, Indebtedness <$5000.00

Speedy Loans v Rachel Pritchett, Indebtedness <$5000.00

Speedy Loans v Kristy Reeves,  Indebtedness <$5000.00

Kaycee Mason v Kenneth Michael Littlejohn, Forcible Entry and Detainer <$5000.00

Vickie Hanvey and Earl Hanvey v Veronica Wolf and All Occupants, Forcible Entry & Detainer <$5000.00

Means Furniture v Ray & Carley Guthrie, Indebtedness <$5000.00

Means Furniture v Paul Sidebottom, Indebtedness <$5000.00

Means Furniture v Brittany & Cody Drywater, Indebtedness <$5000.00

Means Furniture v Jason Flynn, Indebtedness <$5000.00

Means Furniture v Matt Akin and Deanna Akin, Indebtedness <$5000.00

Means Furniture v Amanda Dunham, Indebtedness <$5000.00

Means Furniture v Linda K. Lewis, Indebtedness <$5000.00

Means Furniture v Felicia Hopkins, Indebtedness <$5000.00

Bill Johnston v Carrie L Burnett, Indebtedness <$5000.00

Adair County Health Center v Larae Shirley, Indebtedness <$5000.00

Adair County Health Center v Kaleb Scott Vann and Winter Vann, Indebtedness <$5000.00


Family and Domestic Miscellaneous Proceedings

Hannah Ruth Farguson v Tyler Morris, Uniform Interstate Support Act

Kimberlynn Caingarr v Dalton Ezekieal Rose, Uniform Interstate Support Act

Michael Morton v Carrie B. Morton, Uniform Interstate Support Act

Michael Morton v Carrie B. Morton, Uniform Interstate Support Act

Haley Raines v Christopher Bell, Uniform Interstate Support Act

Teresa Lynne Fishinghawk v Kellie Thomas Fetherolf, Divorce Without Minor Children



Ericka Renae Fourkiller v Johnny Buckner

Matthew Girty v Danielle Sanders, Child Custody

Ashley Nell Murray v Ethan Garman, Child Custody



In the Matter of the Estate of: Lucinda (Duncan) Duck, Deceased, Lawanda Kay Wolf, Petitioner, Probate


Criminal Miscellaneous

Margaret Fields



Buddy Ray Wallis, Unlawful Possession of Wildlife Not Legally Taken Antlered Whitetail


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