Canna Cloud owners Brandon and Michelle Hall chat while he weighs an order.

Dispensaries were considered essential for selling medical marijuana when the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Canna Cloud opened last year in Westville and has been growing since Brandon and Michelle Hall opened.

“We are really enjoying meeting people in the community,” said Brandon.

Mornings, he works on a ranch with his dad in a nearby county.

When the pandemic hit, they started wearing gloves, due in part to handling money.

“We cleaned between each patient and still do, including the outside doorknob, chairs and cabinets,” said Michelle.

Anything that gets touched is also cleaned, added Brandon.

“We about cleaned the paint off of the doorknob using so many different cleaners,” he said.

Holding up his hands for inspection, he said they wash their hands all the time, in between patients.

“They’re bleached out, too; I must have washed them a million times a day,” he said.

Masks have been optional for customers, and the Halls wear one if it makes them more at ease, he said.

Curbside was offered to older patients who didn’t want to come inside and risk exposure, she said.

And people inside were limited at first, so if one was doing business, a second person had to wait over to the side.

“Most people are really nice, and if they see people wearing a mask, they’ll be thoughtful and keep their distance,” Michelle said.

While it’s hard to tell if they're really busier now, Brandon has noticed people staying home don’t necessarily smoke together, and make separate purchases.