Adair County Commissioner Mike Wininger was sworn in to office Jan. 1, 2019, and currently serves as chairman. It is the job he’s been working toward throughout his career.

“Serving as county commissioner is something I have always wanted to do. My years with Oklahoma Department of Transportation Engineering, as Adair County maintenance superintendent and as a construction contractor, gave me the experience to now do a good job for my district and this county,” Wininger said.

Helping people is what makes his job matter.

“I love my job and I think my performance proves my dedication. Our good Lord gave me this chance to be District 1 county commissioner. I guess he thinks I am old enough to do the job and stay out of trouble. I just like to help people,” said Wininger.

Challenges and responsibilities include finding funding for roads and taking care of the citizens of District 1 and Adair County.

“With the help of the Cherokee Nation, Canaan Duncan and Shawn Crittenden, their grants and funding have allowed me to accomplish road repairs that have been overlooked for many years,” Wininger said.

The Cherokee Nation donates considerable money to each district in Adair County, based on the number of miles of road in each district. District 1 has approximately 300 miles of road and six school districts. Cherokee Nation provides approximately the same amount of money to each district, said Wininger.

One thing he’s learned he did not know before is how many graves the county has the privilege to dig.

The most awesome aspects of his job is his crew, Wininger said: Jimmy Carl Baird, road foreman; James Calico, brush crew foreman; Kenny Caughman, operator; Jeff Christie, operator; Bryan Delhomme, hauling; Wayne Farthrree, grading and hauling; T.J. Grigsby, brush crew; Johnny Studie, hauling; Carl Unger, operator; Dean Winkworth, boom hog; Scott Wolfe, patching and brush crew; and Tracy Wyche, office.

Projects accomplished include rebuilt drainage, subgrades and topped with $207,655.00 gray rock; Barton Road, Dahlonegah Road, Auffett Road, Ketcher Road, Starr Road, Rustic Pearl Road, Garrison Road, and O’Neal Road; Carson Road, Gilstrap Road, Grace Chapel Road, Ross Road, Killer Mountain Cemetery Road, Tate Road and Gonzales Road; and shouldering and clearing brush from rights-of-way on Stoney Point Road, Rocky Mountain Road, Cave Springs/Bunch Road and Horn Road.

Upcoming projects include realign intersections at Highway 59 and Zion Road (Cherokee Nation / ODOT), Highway 100 and Rocky Mountain Road (ODOT), Highway 100 and Horn Road (ODOT), Beaver Gap Bridge (ODOT) and South Greasy Bridge (ODOT); new bridges and road repair on Section Line Road (ODOT, $1.7m project), Dahlonegah to Greasy Road (Cherokee Nation), Malloy Hollow Road (Cherokee Nation), Shag Bar in Bunch (Cherokee Nation), Bridge at Rocky Mountain-Bob Cain’s (Cherokee Nation), Lyons Switch (Cherokee Nation), Beaver Gap Bridge (ODOT) and South Greasy Bridge (ODOT); rebuilding drainage, subgrades and top with gray rock; Bruner Road, Joe Morton Road, and Sanders Road (Eubanks); and shouldering and clear brush on Pilgrim Rest to Horn Road and Zion Road.