Wilkiefest: It's a Wilkie thing

Attendees to the Annual Wilkie Reunion included: front row, from left: Beryl Wilkie, Joyce Griggs and back from, from left: Danny Wilkie, Norman Wilkie.

A little more than a year ago in March 2020, our world was brought to its knees with the outbreak of a virus, COVID-19.  It was everywhere and into everyone’s lives, causing confinement to their homes, local areas and with very limited travel. This resulted in the cancellations of most events, which included our Annual Wilkiefest held each June.

We, as the rest of the world, are slowly emerging from this pandemic, and people are gathering once again with their loved ones. So it is with our Wilkiefest.  Our youthful planners this year felt having it over Memorial Day weekend would allow for greater attendance, to cover several weekend events.

On Saturday morning the families gathered at Alberty Cemetery for decoration of loved ones’ graves and to pay our respect. It was also a memorial for Delman Wilkie, with interment of his remains alongside other family members.

One could witness the outpouring of joy as the hugs were many, trying to make up for lost time. Each had stories to tell of this past year, and how thankful we are to be able to gather again.

As always, there was a need to catch up on the new arrivals, events and/or plans. Plus, one will never leave Wilkiefest hungry.

Attending all or some of the events were:  Beryl and Sara Wilkie, Linda and Mike Pruitt, Eddie and Dana Wilkie, Nancy and Terry Wilhite, Andy, Angie, John, Don, and Ashley Pruitt; Savannah Snyder, Ethan, Riggs, and Renley Garman; Raegan Grant, Beth, Wes, Lindsay, Ben, and Braden Harp; Jennie Pruitt, Allie Ghormley, Summer Wilkie and Rory Crittenden (who was recording family stories and memories), Kimberlyn, Grant, and Harper McKinney, Jamey and Bonnie Wilhite, Jeremy, Lauren, Sadie, Sophie, and Sloan Wilhite; Frances Wilkie, LaVon and Jerry Savage, Wade and Gladys Wilkie, Gavin, Lorry, Caleb, and Madelyn Wilkie; Tara, Erik, Ava and Jaxon Friend. Also Getha Wilkie, Becky (Wilkie) Fowkes, Joyce and Charlie Griggs, Rick Moss, Greg and Diane Moss, Ernestine “Cookie” Mendenhall, Barbara Crowe Fraley, Danny and Glenda Wilkie, Kim, Cheyanne, Josh, Kindle, Josie, Kendra, Lorne, and Dani Wilkie; Tony and Avery Vaughn, and Tati Mendoza, Norman and Sherrye Wilkie, Gina, Anthony, Isaac, and Clara Hall, Braden, Jen, Logan, Lawson, and Linleigh Wilkie; Ana Blue, Patsygail Calhoun, Jeff Wilkie, Taylor, Jackson, and Camilla Keen, Rachel Cordova, Scott Wilkie, Harlie Stafford and Felicity Caton.