A shield will be placed around City Clerk Bridgett Beaver's desk as the office reopens to the public on May 3 from the COVID-19 closure.

This was approved at the regular meeting of the City of Watts on April12. Also approved was placing a table with protective mask and hand sanitizer outside the front door to the office.

Chief of Police Matt Stilwell said they bought back the totaled Tahoe for $500.

“There was nothing mechanical wrong, just the hood and bumper were damaged. We can still insure it and use it,” said Stilwell.

Fire Chief Josh Adams said he has a guy working on their trucks.

“We had a major malfunction,” said Adams.

Cleaning up the town is a priority. As the town looks at removing and cleaning up dilapidated buildings, officials have to determine whether a man is living in one, or in the camper beside it.

Town Attorney Ralph Keen said it’s different to deal with properties where someone lives.

“We can go through abatement on an abandoned property, but it’d a whole new thing to condemn a house when someone is living in it,” Keen said.

The board discussed what to do when is a property so uninhabitable it is appropriate to contact Adult Protective Services, which has the authority to come in and take charge.

Water Superintendent Tim Shepherd said it’s been busy.

“I bet we’ve done a dozen new meters since the first of the year,” said Shepherd.

That brought up another issue: property boundaries.

“People come along wanting meters, but before we put them in, we have to determine clear boundaries,” Shepherd said.

A survey costs $2,000 to $3,000, said Keen.

“The new homeowners might ask if a survey has ever been done. It’s not the town’s job to survey private property,” Keen said.