Most people shop at the Adair County Farmers Market so they can support local growers and crafters, who produce quality produce and products. Seeing friends and visiting are two more perks of getting out Saturday morning, and people were doing that at Baron last weekend.

The vendors who were setting up on Highway 59 in Westville the past few years can now be found in front of the Mid-County Community Center in Baron. There is no fee to set up, and the group welcomes others to join.

“You don’t have to commit to every Saturday, just come when you can or have inventory,” said Misty Mahler, group coordinator.

This location has been such a blessing, Mahler said.

“People like having a place to gather and visit. It’s more safe and secure for patrons and vendor space to grow, with convenient parking,” she said.

Honey, banana nut bread in loaf or mini sizes, fried pies, jelly relish, jalapeño peach jam, zucchini relish chow chow, hot and not-so-hot salsa, apple butter, and goats' milk soap are some of the items Mahler makes, along with her famous iced coffee.

“The coffee comes in a mason jar and with a shot of espresso, chocolate, whipped cream, caramel and a smile; that’s the best part,” Mahler said.

Saturday, May 28, there were irresistible baked goods, pretty produce, divine candles, and a variety of other interesting items available.

It was Zoe Grooms' first time as a vendor. She brought small plants and came with her aunt, Suzanna Guin, from Westville Grooms Farms.

“These are babies that came off my bigger plants, so I decided to sell them,” said Zoe.

It’s a good community event, she added.

The booth shared family talents: baskets made by Guin’s husband, Bill, to place produce in; plant cages recycled from their dairy farm; marigolds her mom grew; and tomatoes and peppers her brother Bob grew.

“He made the baskets and treated them with tung oil, so you can pick the produce and wash it off outside,” said Guin.

She likes that the market is convenient to Stilwell and Westville shoppers.

“We also do Adair County Imagination Library, Dolly Parton’s Book of the Month program, but my husband's in the wheat field today so we didn’t set that up,” she said.

Jean Fishinghawk lives about a mile from the market. It’s her first time to visit since she moved here, although she had shopped when it was in Westville.

“I like the produce. And it’s so convenient, between Stilwell and Westville, so everyone can get to it,” Fishinghawk said.

She purchased her favorites – cucumbers and tomatoes – at Steve’s Produce.

“I don’t cook much,” she said.

Joyce Walton and Bryan Ferguson bought cookies from Cheyenne Pharr.

“We came for baked goods, the sweet stuff. The frosting is a nice surprise, and they smell delicious,” said Walton.

A stay-at-home mom and new vendor, Pharr had cinnamon rolls, small cherry and apple turnovers, and tomatoes.

“We moved here in November from Muldrow; my husband’s from here. I wanted something to do,” said Pharr.

Shopper Margie Long heard Stilwell and Westville joined together so she came to check it out with daughter Stephanie Ogden.

“This is good for the community, everybody getting together, socializing and knowing what’s going on. That’s why I’m here nosying around,” said Long, laughing.

She said it’s her first time at this location.

“I think more people will join in as vendors once they know it’s here,” she said.

A watermelon, tomatoes, cucumbers and apples were loaded in her back seat.

“I’ll be back,” Long said.

Ogden came with her mom to see what they had.

“People are out socializing, and getting together. We can see what people are growing and get tips about gardening, cooking and canning,” said Ogden.

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