Stilwell is environmentally healthy and the city has official state reports and documents to prove it. 

It might have seemed that the students in Faith Phillips’s creative writing classes in 2020 at Stilwell High School were optimistic when they tackled the topic that once declared this county the death capital. But their efforts began a ripple toward the facts and the mayor joined the flow toward truth. Now she’s telling the world Stilwell is a healthy and wonderful place to live and raise a family.

It is extraordinary news that the mayor shared this week with the community through the newspaper. After first hearing about the abysmal condition of the county, the mayor was disheartened that her community had sunk to such depths and people had such short life expectancies. 

Then the efforts of the young writers to right the wrong information brought a ray of hope. The mayor took action and contacted those who could organize an investigation and did.

The reports not only indicate the water and air are of good quality, those working to keep the water clean for citizens are doing all the right things to continue to have good results. The students, Ms. Phillips and the mayor, as well as those water treatment workers, are to be commended on making sure Stilwell is healthy and moving toward a prosperous future.

Now to address mental health for those who find depression, addictions and other challenges to peace of mind.


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