Singing a blessing to everyone

Suzie and Rex Guinn enjoy singing gospel music together and sharing it with the community.

It is said that music makes a merry heart and Suzie and Rex Guinn agree. The couple enjoys sharing music to be a blessing to others.

Suzie works at Fragrance & Flowers and Rex is a Statewide Licensed Process Server and Recovery Agent.

The roots of their music stem from the old country style of music they were brought up listening too - the steel guitar, fiddle, piano, guitar, bass.

“This is what is in our blood and in our hearts. We want to carry on this tradition for the next generation,” said Rex.  

Some of their favorite groups are The Hinsons, The Bowling Family, & 11th Hour.

They met in churchand just started singing together.  

“We enjoy the harmony, not only in our music, but in our marriage as well,” he said.

 Both play various instruments, and use soundtracks. 

“The songs have to minister to our hearts first,” said Rex.

The couple sings praise and worship on Sunday mornings at Harvest Church in Stigler, Ok.  And have also ministered at other churches including Christian Worship Center, Church on the Rock, Guiding Light Church in Bunch, Ok., Whitmire Church, New Life, Masena Holiness Church in Tahlequah, Ok., Old Mission Church in Ft. Gibson, Ok., Calvary Faith in Ft. Gibson, and Shady Grove Church in Checotah, Ok.

“It is our way of serving God because he gets the glory not us,” he said.

They also try to sow the seed back.

“God gave us a gift of music. We love seeing people blessed, seeing souls saved, and edifying people. In return we also get blessed seeing lives changed, souls saved, seeing marriages restored, and that’s what it’s all about. Plus, we get the opportunity to share the word,” said Rex.

Both have a Pentecostal background and have enjoyed ministering at many churches of different denominations. 

We both love the harmony. I watch Rex a lot when we sing together, and it shows in his heart and face the passion he has for singing for the Lord. He blesses me every time we get on stage. God has blessed him with such talent.  We love to sing together and minster for the Lord and that is what it truly is all about,” Suzie said.

She is grateful to have been brought up in church. 

“I’m so thankful I had a parent that loved me enough, that cared about my soul. I’m thankful she taught me about the love of God and what it meant to serve the Lord,” Suzie said.

Her first guitar was a gift from her mother when she was in school.

“She showed me some chords. I took off from there. Later she showed me chords on the piano,” she said.

She started singing with her cousins in church. 

“Growing up in church we all enjoyed singing. My mother, my aunt, and I started a little group singing together in church. We sang for about 20 to 25 years together,” said Suzie.

Today their testimony includes the fact that a second marriage can be a blessing.

“We both came from a bad marriage, and learned a lot how not to be. It’s thru God, reading the Bible together, reading devotionals together, that has taught us what true, true love really is and to become one,” Suzie said.  

She used to look at happy couples, how they would hold hands and laugh together.

“I longed to have that special relationship myself. I thank God for sending me my best friend, my help mate. Let me just say here with God all things are possible to those that believe,” said Suzie.

The Guinns have prayed that if God will open the doors, “we will walk thru them.”  Reach them at (918)680-0001 or email at

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