September's Student of the Month for Maryetta

Maryetta named Kindergarten - fifth grade Students of the Month, first row, from left, are: Ryder Buckner, Silas Vann, and Lillianna Jones. Second row from left, are: Polly Fourkiller, Gabriel Soto, Abel Miller, Oakleigh Thurber, are Emily Kimble. Third row, from left, are: Fisher Chuculate, Kason Bunch, and Avery Nelson. Fourth row, from left, are: Easton Buckner, Marcus Chuculate, Stonewall Coombers, and Annleigh Higgins. Fifth row, from left, are: Wyatt Catron, Jordan Duvall, and Cannon Brown. Sixth row, from left, are Lilly Holt, Cloie Coombes, and Kahner Bunch.