Vaccines begin this week for Adair County Courthouse employees for COVID-19, said Adair County Emergency Management Director Dianne Yell in her report to the Adair County Commissioners ata meeting Monday at 8:30 a.m.

As of Friday, there were 288 active cases, said Yell.

“The vaccines are being distributed by the Oklahoma State Department of Health in three phases; it’s listed on their website,” Yell said.

Cherokee Nation is already giving the vaccine to their health care workers, Native language speakers and National Treasures, she said.

“They’re allowing so much per county. The first phase includes county workers, First Responders. The health department nurses will set up in the lobby – the basement lobby like before, I imagine. And each person has to wait 30 minutes to be sure there’s no reaction,” Yell said.

This is a two-part vaccine, so those taking it have to get the second shot in 21 days, she said. She expects the phases to follow weekly, with Phase 2 next week.

“The courthouse employees have the most contact with people, so they’re in Phase 1. The state can only get so much vaccine per phase,” she said.

County Commissioner Mike Wininger asked if that included his crew, and Yell said it did not.

“They have contact with people every day. It sounds like we’re picking and choosing. I will wait until my crew can get the vaccine,” Wininger said.

The governor’s order determined who is in each phase, Yell told him.

“I’m standing up for my crew,” said Wininger.

Yell also noted there is a free batch of hypochlorous at Mid County right now.

The Oklahoma State University Extension office asked for approval to spend a portion of its funds to purchase an advertisement in the Adair County Resource Guide, which was approved.

In regular business, minutes of the previous weekly meeting were approved, as were CARES Act funds transferred to various accounts, a contract for services for copies between Adair County Clerk and interested parties and blanket purchase orders. Wininger tabled the bids for Adair County Clerk's office for a rolling filing system until next week.