Progress was the focus of many reports and agenda items for the City of Stilwell at the regular monthly meeting on Monday, Jan. 4, at 5 p.m. in the Community Center. The evening began with the Stilwell Improvement Authority quarterly meeting.

The council accepted transfer of property from the city that is downtown near the police station for development.

In the regular meeting of the City Council, along with Mayor Jean Ann Wright and City Clerk Larry Nettles, Wright made recommendations for two to serve on the city negotiation team for contract negotiations with the Fraternal Order of Police: Lane Kindle for his interest in the post, and Jim Spray for his experience. The council agreed and approved.

Items approved include: Last meeting’s minutes; blanket purchase orders in the sum of $59,9000,000; claims for $274,672.07 from Fund 10 General Fund and $1,309.25 from Fund 30 Street and Alley; and the December payroll of $327,859.81.

Economic Development Director Shelldon MIggletto reported the first property at Winfield Crossing has closed, and another person showed interest on Tuesday in property downtown for a project that would include lease space.

The wastewater project should wrap up this month.

For the Street Department, Dale Dandridge reported the Chestnut Street drainage project is reaching 6th Street and nearly completed. The Street Department has been picking up a lot of brush as people are out cleaning up their properties. A drainage issue in the Maryetta addition was repaired.

Shawn Noel with Code Enforcement said the Cherokee business in front of the old Walmart will be opening soon. They have a temporary permit, have started moving furniture in, and everything should be done this month, according to Noel.

Architectural engineers have been working with the Carsons on a Division Street property, Noel said.

“The report is essential to determine repairs, but he’s adamant to save the building and the report will determine their options,” said Noel.

Regarding a code enforcement administrative hearing, Noel said it would not be required.

“Any time public funds from HUD are used, they like to know the impact. There will be no impact, housing to be moved or any reason to impact the neighborhood, and we’re required to publish it in the paper to get all of their guidelines,” Noel said.