A local man is under arrest for first-degree murder after admitting he killed his father, whom he said encouraged him to "just pick up the knife and do it."

On Sunday, Nov.14, Robert Wesley “Bobbie” Clark was taken in by authorities, and is being held in the Adair County Jail in the stabbing death of William Leslie “Bill” Clark, said Sheriff Jason Ritchie.

Adair County Sheriff’s Office contacted OSBI, and agents worked the crime scene, at 87108 S. 4645 Road in Bunch.

“OSBI has turned in a probable cause affidavit for the murder,” said Ritchie.

Thanks to an alert citizen, the suspect was unable to flee the scene.

“We had him detained and in custody within 40 minutes. We did have a citizen who detained him until we got there, a good citizen,” said Ritchie.

The probable cause affidavit said the sheriff’s office responded to a 911 call at 5:45 a.m. on Nov. 14. The caller, who identified himself as "Bobby," sounded intoxicated. That was followed by a second call from a man identifying himself as Jacob Dylan, who said he observed "Bobby" kill William Leslie Clark. Dylan said Clark had asked him to help get rid of the body.

Dylan then tried to drive a 1990 Ford F-250 pickup away from the residence, but it got stuck on the drive a short distance away. Dylan then fled on foot to the home of Carolyn Sanders, from which he allegedly made the 911 call.

Deputy Travis Adams was first on the scene, and was told the suspect was barricaded in the residence with weapons. The front door was open and Adams entered, looking for the suspect or victim. He found a body lying in a pool of blood beside a medical bed, in the living room. He then notified dispatch of the death before returning to sweep the property.

Sanders said he brought Dylan back to the house to meet with deputies. Dispatch then notified Adams the suspect was at the Sanders' residence. When he arrived, Adams saw Sanders back out of the house with a rifle pointed inside, and Clark sitting on a couch. Dylan was taken into custody and had what appeared to be blood on his head, hands and arms.

OSBI Special Agents Marc Collins and Kevin Lanham interviewed Clark at the Adair County Jail, where he was read a Miranda warning, signed a waiver of rights, and agreed to talk to the agents.

Officers said Clark admitted stabbing his father in the neck with a knife, and said his father had told him, several times, to “pick up the knife and just do it.” Clark said his father had medical issues and was in constant pain, but could not describe the medical issues other than acid reflux. Clark told authorities his father also told him to “think of Brittany,” a former stepdaughter.

Clark also admitted to arguing with his father constantly over the past few months, but not that morning. He said he waited until the victim was asleep and approached him in his bed, stabbing him in the neck with a knife four more five times and then lying on his body while he struggled. At some point in the struggle, the victim fell onto the floor. The knife was a brown buck-style knife.

Clark told officers he went to wake up Dylan to help him get rid of the body, but Dylan got in the pickup and went to a neighbor's house. Clark said he washed off the knife in the kitchen sink and threw it in the direction of the creek, then rolled the body over and removed a wallet and money. He said he put them in a bag and took off walking to Sanders' residence. He told the neighbor he had killed his father.

Dylan told investigators at the jail that he heard a commotion from the living room at the residence and saw Clark standing over the victim, who was still in the medical bed. He said he saw the suspect stab the man at least once. Then Dylan and Clark got into a scuffle after he asked him to help hide the body.

OSBI confirmed with Cherokee Nation that neither of the Clarks were tribal citizens.

“This is our seventh murder we’ve worked during the time I’ve been sheriff, with OSBI, and we had the suspect detained within 48 hours,” Ritchie said.


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