COLUMN: In the Shadows : The Popcorn Ball Tree

A Popcorn Ball Tree is one of the baits used to catch Bigfoot.

So today marks our 13th article in this series, unlucky for some, lucky for others. This article will deal with one of the weird things that happens during Bigfoot research. 

In research, researchers will sometimes create bait stations where they put out food items, and in some instances, toys and other items that may entice Bigfoot to come to the station. The goal usually is to get Bigfoot to continue coming to this location in hopes of increasing the chances for a sighting or to even place game cameras around to obtain pictures of the creatures.

During the Halloween season, I usually buy several cases of popcorn balls to use in my bait stations, and one local researcher invited me to help set up a bait station near their home. I brought up some popcorn balls and some fruit bars to bait the location, and to raise the bait up so that smaller animals wouldn’t eat it. I found a sapling tree that was about six feet tall and placed three popcorn balls on the branches. It truly looked like the tree was growing popcorn balls out of its branches. We even left a picture with the bait to show that humans left it there for the Bigfoot. Upon coming back a week later to check the status of the bait, the popcorn balls were gone, so three more were added on the same little tree.  As the other researcher and myself looked around, we found a peat bog nearby where nearly a hundred small footprints were found heading to and from the direction of the bait station.

It appeared, and remember, all we can really do is speculate, that a small juvenile Bigfoot was coming up to get the food bait being left behind.  Whether the older Bigfoot were sending him up there, or he was going himself, he or she was collecting the popcorn balls hopefully.

A third trip back a week later, same results, popcorn balls missing, three more placed on the tree. It was possible that other wildlife was taking the popcorn balls, but it was hoped that the Bigfoot was taking them.

On the fourth trip to the bait station, something wasn’t right at the bait station, it took us several minutes to realize that the sapling was gone.  Stepping over to where it had been, it was obvious that something had pulled it out, roots and all. Circling around the near area of the bait station, we couldn’t find the sapling. We speculated that perhaps the juvenile Bigfoot had been trying to get the older Bigfoot to believe him about this great little tree that kept growing these tasty popcorn balls and he decided to take it to them, or even just thinking that he was going to keep that popcorn ball tree so he could have them all the time.

One can only imagine the little guy’s disappointment when the tree failed to produce anymore tasty little treats for him.

As always though folks, if you set up a bait station, remember that Bigfoot isn’t the only animal out there that may get used to being fed at the bait station, so if you do something like this, be very careful.