COLUMN: In the Shadows: Hiding in the Shadows

Shining a light on Bigfoot may look like a bush or shadow.

In regards to our last article discussing how Bigfoot can use different ways to hide itself, I would like to continue this by talking about an incident that happened on a Mid-America Bigfoot Research Center expedition that was held in Adair County.  

Positioned at the entrance to a valley with a creek running down the length of it, a listening post team was sent out after dark to sit astride the creek on a large rock that protruded out into it, offering a great place to sit and listen for activity.  As the team entered the valley, something large was paralleling them across the creek, making enough noise to make some members fairly uncomfortable.

Upon getting to the rock, the team set up and after about 10 minutes splashing could be heard upstream from them. Two team members agreed to shine their lights in that direction to see if whatever was making the splashing could be caught in the open. When the lights came on, nothing was seen so they proceeded to scan along the opposite bank from where the listening post was located.  

As the lights reached about even with the listening post to the opposite side of the bank, the entire listening post team could see the eye shine of something huge standing about 20 feet up the steep embankment.

One of the researchers crossed the creek, pausing only long enough for another researcher to bring him a can of bear spray, and then headed up the steep embankment after the large figure.

Coming upon a clearing, the researcher stopped and with his flashlight, did a panoramic sweep of the other side of the clearing, noticing a large shadow about midway of the sweep, but continuing on as it looked like shadows of the vegetation.  As the researcher began to sweep back, the large shadow suddenly stood up when the light hit it, and as the researcher watched, the figure turned its head towards him and the Bigfoot had a “don’t mess with me” look to its face, or at least that is the feeling the researcher felt when he saw it.

Regardless, the Bigfoot turned around and headed further into the woods away from the researcher, while the researcher decided a can of bear spray wasn’t enough protection and headed cautiously back down the embankment to his fellow team members.

After explaining what had occurred to the rest of the team, it was decided to head back to camp. It was speculated that the Bigfoot had hunkered down, trying to hide from the pursuing researcher, and attempting to either look like a bush or shadow. When the light came back the second time, it decided to expose itself to scare the researcher into leaving.

Here we have another example of Bigfoot trying to camouflage itself from being seen, although this time it exposed itself to aid its getaway.

Pictures:  These are representations from my book that show how the shadow looked and how the Bigfoot turned and looked at the researcher.