Authorities still searching for missing teen

 The Morgan Nick Foundation now has posters out for Michael MacDougal, a teen missing from Stilwell since Dec. 10, 2020.

Adair County Sheriff Jason Ritchie is asking members of the community to search their memory for any bit of information that could be helpful in locating Stilwell teen Michael MacDougal, who has been missing since Dec. 10, 202.

Recently the sheriff was contacted by the Morgan Nick Foundation, and it has issued missing posters. And MacDougal is now listed with the National Center for Missing and Endangered Children.

“We’ve had some call-in tips and checked them all, but nothing. We are hoping for a break. If people remember anything, we’d like to know. There has been no further communication on his cell phone, or activity on any of the gaming sites the teen used to do,” said Ritchie.

The sheriff is confident information is out there that will help bring Michael home. He expressed frustration that after extensive efforts, no clues to the teen's whereabouts have been found.

“According to the family, he is an introvert, not outgoing, and stayed with family. He didn't leave the house and never walked the roads,” Ritchie said.

An eye-witness saw him leaving the house in the early morning hours and a video showed him walking.

“He had a limited number of friends. Had he said anything to friends about leaving or meeting someone online? Did someone pick him up at the end of the road? We’re trying to draw up any information to determine where he is,” said Ritchie.

Because he’s a juvenile, law enforcement officers and volunteer firefighters were immediately out, combing the woods and driving the roads in the area.

“Did he make contact with any friends or family that day?” Ritchie said.

The second day, both investigators, Stacey Eubanks and Michelle Rigby, joined law enforcement and volunteer firefighters from Bell and Stilwell, searching the woods on ATVs. Five FBI agents were brought in the third day, along with the supervisor for this area.

“They started extended the search electronically – stuff we don’t have the capability for, such as investigating online, chats on his gaming system, tracing his phone and things of that nature,” Ritchie said.

Members of the Sequoyah County Mounted Search and Rescue also helped. They can cover twice as much ground as a man on foot, and brought out several teams to search two to three miles around the residence, the sheriff said. The FBI sent three more agents to track him, and four deputies went back out to the residence and did a grid search and walked the property. And a team from Tulsa brought search-and-rescue dogs.

“He’s vanished without a trace. We’ve never stopped looking for Michael and want to find him," Ritchie said. "Call [me], and it can be kept anonymous. If they’ve talked to Michael before had and he said anything about meeting someone or had any accounts we might not have know about, any bit of information might help."