There is a new TV station located in Stilwell. Not the brick and mortar facility like traditional stations, Gospel Time Ministries TV is featured on Roku TV and the Amazon Fire Stick. 

Gospel Time Ministries was founded in 2000 and is a free, faith-based Holiness TV station. Individuals will find old time singing, preaching and teaching of God’s word. 

“I’ve always had a heart to spread the gospel, now I have 25 channels, and the Vice Bishop of Gospel Time Ministries, Israel Davis, is one there,” said Sam Brannon.

Brannon started after a friend in Texas put some of his videos on his channel. It cost $8,000 to start a station and his friend, August Francis, in Beaumont, Texas paid for Brannon to get started.

“I pay for air time. I’m looking for other pastors. If a church wants to put up four clips it’s about $20 per clip or $80 month. If they want their own channel it’s $120 a month,” he said.

The station is on 24 hours a day. They’re in the process of getting live video feed. It reaches more than 50 million homes worldwide. 

“We’re beginning a mission in Pakistan. They found us and now we’re preaching in Pakistan,” said Brannon.

Brannon is excited about the potential for reaching more people with the gospel message through this technology.

“I want people to know we spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and we have a heart to see people motivated and to know we’re here to help. The money generated by this station will go out to help homeless, help people with needs such as propane, utility bills or meeds in the mission field,” Brannon said.

The company has also produced CDs including Brannon’s book, “The Shepherd and the Wolf.” 

“The book distinguishes between a pastor and hireling. A pastor is a true shepherd who does counseling, listens and has outreaches to help people. A hireling is just there for they money. They deceive people,” Brannon said.

“My ministry started early. I got saved around 12 and began to preach the gospel at 13. We pastor today at Sycamore Tree Baptist but we’re holiness,” he said.

 If a church in Stilwell or the surrounding areas such as Cherokee, Delaware or Sequoyah counties would like to air a broadcast on GTM TV, contact Brannon at 918-575-1493.