New physical therapist focusing on overall well-being

Dr. Adam Carter, the new physical therapist at Memorial Hospital, squats low to see if Ben Millar, physical therapy assistant, is doing a movement correctly. Jessie Collins photo


A new physical therapist who has joined the staff at Memorial Hospital says he's glad to be in Adair County.

Dr. Adam Carter said he’s looking forward to being more involved with the community and providing quality, person-centered care.

“I was born and raised in Stilwell and am just now finding an opportunity with Memorial Hospital to return to my hometown,” said Carter.

His approach is encouraging patients to get fit.

“I believe in making my patients as fit as they will let me. I want to address lifestyle barriers that may be contributing to their pain experience, rather than just giving them body part-centered treatment, as we know pain is not always simply an injured tissue or body part,” said Carter. 

He has plans for all ages and levels of activity.

“I can help them become a healthier, more fit, and resilient person. Not only can we help reduce pain, but we can make it easier to do daily activities, such as walking up stairs and getting in and out of chairs. And for our younger athletes, we can take them to another level by addressing movement and fitness barriers,” Carter said.  

Carter earned a bachelor's degree in 2006, from the University of Central Oklahoma, where he played football, and his doctorate from the University of Arkansas Fayetteville for Medical Sciences in 2018.

He is married to Bethany Carter, and they have three children. 

“I know we need an all-around better approach to health care, and I want to be involved in that process to help our community live longer and with higher-quality lives. I’m looking forward to building a program that people seek out for all things pain, performance, and health,” said Carter. 

Jessie Collins, director of Public Relations and Business Development for Stilwell Memorial Hospital, described Carter as a huge asset to the community.

"Someone with his energy and determination is going to have such a positive outcome here," Collins said. "Stilwell Memorial is so excited for the new year, especially since he is a part of our team now. Big changes are coming for this hospital, and this is just one small step in the right direction.” 

Carter agrees,

“My team and I want to be great at what we do and will take the time and energy to learn as much as we can in order to get there,” Carter said. 

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