My precious grandbaby will be turning three before long. I'm so lucky, Max lives not too far from me and I have opportunities to babysit and spend time with him. Spending time with Max is pure joy and one of the highlights in my life. From time to time, he also catches me completely by surprise. 

The other night, right before Ashlee and Max left, Max ran up to me and said, “kiss.” I bent down and Max kissed my cheek. Then without a second glance he happily ran towards the door to leave for home.  

It was out-of-the-blue, the very first time he had ever come to me to say goodbye before leaving for home. I literally felt my heart turn to mush. I'm telling you right now, I promptly melted into a stream of tears. Fame, fortune, nothing could ever touch the value of a grandbaby telling his MeMe goodbye and giving her a kiss on the cheek.

Ashlee smiled, hugged me and called to Max, “you just made your MeMe very happy.”

Boy, was she right. It took me a moment to slow down the tears. We walked to their car and then we did our familiar goodbye ritual. 

Ashlee always puts Max in his car seat. Once he is tucked in safely, I always go around to tell him bye. 

It starts with, “see you later alligator" and "after while crocodile.” It ends with me telling both of them that I love them.

I'm so blessed. Ashlee is the daughter of my heart. She stopped being a "daughter-in-law" a long time ago. We always hug goodbye and I tell her I love her and to look out for those darn yahoo drivers on the road. 

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