As I write this, I realize November is exactly half over.  Golly, where does the time go?  I have always heard that the older one gets the faster time moves. I used to think that was crazy, but now I know better.  The thing to do though, is to enjoy each day, no matter how quickly it zips away.

Dr. Dan Eischen’s message was titled, “Be ready for Christ’s return.”  We read from 1 Thessalonians, 4:13-18, and 5:1-11.  Paul is writing to the people in Thessalonia to assure them that all believers will be reunited in heaven and be with the Lord forever.  Those who have fallen asleep (died) will go first after the Lord comes down with a loud command with the voice of an archangel and the trumpet call of God.  Then, those who are still living will be caught up in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air.  Unbelievers who are left behind will go through the seven years of tribulation.  

Dr. Dan explained that we all have two bodies. We have the physical body we all see, and we have a spiritual body that shadows the physical one.  After Jesus’s resurrection, he was seen by many, yet he could walk through the stone that sealed his tomb, walk through walls, and appear and disappear at will. He returned in his spiritual body. We too will rise as a spiritual body. It does not matter if we are buried in the ground, cremated, or buried at sea, our spiritual body remains to be reunited with the Lord.

Paul goes on to say that we must encourage each other, be patient, help the weak, and be kind to one another.  We should pray continually, be joyful always, and give thanks in all circumstances.  We should avoid evil and hold on to the good.  

I know this year has been a trial for many.  The coronavirus has caused much sickness and a huge number of deaths.  Many people are out of work and tensions are high.  Some people think the end is coming and that the rapture of the church is near.  Only God knows when this will happen, and it may come like a thief in the night.  In the meantime, we must stop hating one another for political reasons, or for the colors of our skins.  It is time to come together as brothers and sisters in Christ.  As Barbara Johnson says in her Spatula Ministry, “The sound of laugher is God’s hand upon a troubled world.”  Until next time, have a blessed week.