Local high school senior awarded MFA Foundation scholarship

Bryar Thurber received an MFA scholarship.

Bryar James Thurber, a graduating senior at Stilwell High School, has won a

$2,000 MFA Foundation scholarship. The scholarship was sponsored by MFA

Oil, Stilwell, OK.

This scholarship is one of approximately 240 presented this year by the MFA

Foundation to help students pursue studies and develop careers that

enhance the future of rural America. Scholarships are offered annually in

areas where a participating MFA Agri Services Center, MFA Oil Company

propane plant, MFA Oil Company bulk plant or other MFA agency is located.

Winners are selected by local committees.

Bryar is the child of Stacy and Brian Thurber and plans to attend University

of Oklahoma.

The MFA Foundation is a nonprofit, philanthropic organization with the

primary purpose of providing educational opportunities to high school

seniors in MFA’s trade territory. Since 1965, the Foundation has provided

financial assistance to more than 15,000 students.

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