This is an open letter to our President, our Representatives, and our Senators. By the time this is published, our election will be over. We may or may not know who won and who lost. 

My fervent prayer is if you ran, it was not as a Republican, a Democrat, or an Independent, but as an American. If you won, I pray you will govern as an American, and do what is best for all Americans. I'm quite sure your salaries come from the hard-earned tax dollars of all Americans, not just one party. If you are only going to serve one party, give up the portion of your salary that comes from the other two parties. 

I want to say that not one of you has the right to call your fellow citizens disparaging names, show them disrespect, or encourage other Americans to threaten them with bodily harm or intimidate them in any way. I cannot believe that anyone can honestly support the back alley rhetoric coming out of the mouths of our supposed public servants who were duly elected to represent all Americans. 

No American who truly loves this country and it's people would stand up and call his or her fellow citizens names, encourage others to intimidate them or do them bodily harm, or show such disrespect and disdain for them, as well as try to ruin the lives of their fellow Americans for simply standing up for their principles and telling the truth. I have news for our Congressmen. growing a beard and writing a book does not give you the wisdom of Solomon. It is my hope and prayer that if you ran honestly to serve all Americans that you won, and if you ran only wanting the salary and only in the interest of one party, that you lost. If you are in it for personal gain, and not the good of all Americans, may God have mercy on you. After all, you and your heirs to come will have to answer for it. 

I was brought up to believe our ancestors fought for America in order to let us all live in freedom, as one nation under God, not as a split nation under one political party.

May God look on America with favor and give us one more chance to salvage our nation is my prayer.

Sandra Springwater, 78 years old, lives south of Stilwell.