In the shadows – The White Bigfoot

An artist rendition of the white bigfoot seen through a night scope.

The last article spoke of the larger number of sightings in the Cherokee, Adair and Sequoyah counties of Oklahoma, but a proportion of those sightings also mention a white-haired Bigfoot that has been around at least since the early 90s.  

While white-haired Bigfoot have been reported around the United States, the white-haired Bigfoot here in our area has been sighted since the mid-90s until just three years ago.  Spanning across nearly three decades, this particular Bigfoot has lived in this area for quite a long time.

The first reported sighting of the white-haired Bigfoot was reported to the International Bigfoot Society (no longer in operation) back in 1995 by Bill Green, who was in contact with an Adair County family who owned a slaughterhouse near Stilwell.  

The family had been walking from the slaughterhouse about 100 or so yards to the house when a noise alerted one of the family members to turn to see what made it.  Completely covered with snow-white hair, the Bigfoot had squatted down behind the slaughterhouse.  Terrified, the family member screamed and started running towards the house.  Afterwards, that family member would not go outside alone at night and had nightmares for a long time.  

This family had multiple encounters with Bigfoot on their property, and it is speculated it was because of the availability of food being disposed of behind the slaughterhouse in the wooded areas that was bringing the Bigfoot up close to the buildings. Cattle, pigs and other livestock would come up missing, with only a head sometimes being found on the property.

A researcher from the International Bigfoot Society made the trip down to visit with the family and had an encounter with the white-haired Bigfoot himself, as he thought the family was playing tricks on him from rustling around in some river reed around midnight.  As he approached the river reed, the reeds suddenly parted and he found himself in a short staring contest with the white-haired Bigfoot. The look of the creature’s face was of surprise and fear, like it was as scared of the researcher as he was of it.

As the family came out of the house to approach, the river reed closed and the researcher heard it running off into the distance.

As years passed, multiple other sightings of the white-haired Bigfoot were reported, once running alongside the road near Lake Tenkiller by a lady heading to the Bingo Hall.  It managed to keep up with her car for a distance of several hundred feet before disappearing into the woods.

In another instance, a man in his late 50’s, who had been hunting his whole life, had been walking in the woods deer hunting and decided to sit down to take a break.  As he sat quietly, he heard something walking up behind him and thought it was his grandsons, so he turned to look, only to find the white-haired Bigfoot standing there looking at him from a short distance away. Picking up his rifle, the man headed towards the road, as the Bigfoot proceeded to head deeper into the woods. The man still to this day will no longer go into the woods to hunt.

In 2010, I personally saw the white-haired Bigfoot on two occasions, once through a night vision scope as it stood behind a v-shaped tree while it was watching me.  It didn’t realize that I could see in the dark, as it didn’t try to hide that well.  What shocked me, was that he was well muscled up, giving the impression that his white-hair was more of a genetic issue, than a sign of old age.  

The second incident that year, found myself and my middle son, playing a CD of a baby crying at night in a near moonless night. It’s speculated that Bigfoot would investigate the sounds of a baby crying, whether like a predator believing it was easy prey, or just extremely curious about a baby in the woods.  After about 10 minutes of blasting the crying baby sound in the valley we sat in, we heard heavy crashing on the ridge above us and as it got down to the road we sat on, the white-haired Bigfoot stepped out onto the road about 100 feet from us.  It looked at us for about 30 seconds before turning around and heading back into the woods and going back up to the ridgeline.  

Other incidents were reported of the white-haired Bigfoot with the latest encounter happening three years ago when it crossed the trail in front of researchers and in a bold, non-characteristic move, circled around the researchers and crossing the trail back behind the last UTV in the convoy.  This was non-characteristic for a Bigfoot to do, because normally they avoid interaction with humans and head directly away to escape from people.  The researchers speculated that what had occurred was that the white-haired Bigfoot was distracting the researchers from perhaps other Bigfoot that had tried to bed down near the trail from the direction the white-haired Bigfoot had come from, giving his fellow creatures time to escape.

If you have had any encounters with the white-haired Bigfoot or for that matter, any Bigfoot, please go to and submit a sighting report.  We will keep your identity protected.