In the Shadows:Low-tech Tools in Bigfooting

CUTLINE: The Bigfoot is breaking the lines when it walks through, it’s a good indicator of height. 

I’ve been asked numerous times how to get started in Bigfoot Research, and the reply always stays the same. You don’t have to spend tons of money when you first start out. There are several low-tech solutions to use so you don’t have to buy much to get started. 

The first item is used to give you an idea what is coming through your property, and can also be used to detect human trespassers too. It’s a spool of black sewing thread. People look at me puzzled when I say this, but it’s a good indicator of something moving through your property and its height. 

Take your spool of thread and run three lines between two trees a substantial distance apart at heights of 6-foot, 7-foot and 8-foot. When you go back to check it, if the 6-foot line is the only one broken, chances are that a human or large buck has crossed the area. The 7-foot is broken too, usually means that either a pro-basketball player walked through, or you got a Bigfoot traveling through. And if the 8-foot line is broken with the other two lines, you might want to consider moving, as the Bigfoot is over eight feet tall. Now in the dark, and even in the daytime, any creature or person breaking the thread will generally believe its more than likely a spider web and won’t take notice of it. 

The second item is a BB gun pistol, and this is where some people really think I’m crazy for suggesting it. But when you are in the woods, or even sitting around a campfire, if you see a shadow standing in the trees or bushes, and think it may be a Bigfoot, you don’t have a thermal or night vision to see what it is. Then you take the BB gun pistol and shoot the shadow, if it moves, screams or cusses, then it was some creature or person standing there. If it doesn’t move, then it’s just a shadow. Now don’t worry about pissing off a Bigfoot by shooting it with a BB gun, it more than likely will suspect it got bit or stung by a bug.