I’m asked all the time whether there are reports of a Bigfoot being shot before, and I always can respond yes, due to two incidents that occurred in Adair County or at least close to it. 

The first incident occurred near Nicut and happened about six or seven years ago. When some hunters were out in the woods, they looked down at a field below them and thought they spotted a bear going through the area. Taking aim, one of the hunters fired a shot at the ‘bear.’ It was only when it stopped, stood up on its hind legs and screamed ferociously towards the hunters that they realized it wasn’t a bear, but a Bigfoot. 

After venting its frustrations from being shot or shot at the Bigfoot ventured off into the woods at the edge of the field. The hunter who fired the shot was so distraught over the incident that he would never talk about it. Instead, the other hunters with him relayed the story to the Mid-America Bigfoot Research Center. 

The second incident occurred near the Illinois River. A father unloaded a .22 pistol into the chest of a Bigfoot at point-blank range. The family had a 5-year-old autistic child who kept telling his parents that a hairy man kept coming up to his window at night and would play with him through the window. The parents thought it might be a vagrant so they built a fence around most of the house. 

On the night in question, after going to bed, the parents’ bedroom window faced the gate, they heard the dogs barking outside and then a large shadowy figure was seen walking outside their window. Gathering his .22 target practice pistol, the father went out the back door and circled around the house, and upon reaching the gate, was shocked to see a Bigfoot standing not more than a few feet from the entry to the yard. Bringing his pistol up to protect himself, the father watched as the Bigfoot took a step closer, and when he did, the father began unloading the chambers of the pistol in rapid succession. As several bullets struck the Bigfoot in the chest, another grazed its head, and it turned away and ran up the trail on the hill behind the house, where the father could swear, he heard a second Bigfoot vocalizing to the first one. 

When another researcher and myself went onsite to investigate, we found on the hillside where the bullets that did miss the Bigfoot slammed into tree trunks on the hill. It appeared that the shooting did in fact occur. What added some credibility to this incident was that a rock quarry on the opposite side of the hill from the family’s house, had 500-gallon fuel drums tossed a distance away, as well as parts of a Caterpillar bulldozer that weighed several hundred pounds that were tossed nearly 500 feet away. While the rock quarry owner had accused the family’s younger boys of doing it, it was obvious they couldn’t have done it due to the weight involved. 

To this day, the Bigfoot have not returned to the family’s property, and the shooting may be the cause for that.