Colene Stephenson is a dreamer. She’s also a creative spirit and a collector of all things old and odd, with the potential of becoming something new as she sees it in her imagination.

She has a knack for creating beauty with flowers, food, interior decorating and whatever she finds fascinating. After relocating Everything Nice, she saw a niche to help the community and her cash flow, and added Coco’s Bistro.

Now she’s found her grand finale, so to speak: a culmination of all of her dreaming.

“I love to make something new out of old stuff, take pieces of old furniture and rework it, for home decor,” said Stephenson.

That can also mean turning old dishes into birdhouses and flowers, faux fireplaces, and any number of items that catch her fancy.

Stephenson became business owner Jan. 1, 1978. After renting for many years, she became a property owner about eight years ago, in spite of her sons' efforts to convince her to “sell out, slow down and work for someone else.”

When she purchased the current location of Everything Nice, and eventually Coco’s Bistro, it came with an old filling station on the property.

“We moved into this building less than half the size we were using at our old address. I sold several pieces of my old furniture that now I wish I had back,” she said.

They did a major renovation on the shop, but the garage on the corner – the old Bert’s 66 station – has been used for storage.

“It has looked pretty much the way it did when we moved in,” she said.

Until now, that is.

“The big pile under the white tarp is an accumulation of years of not wanting to throw anything away. I have a real problem parting with my stuff,” she said.

That’s because her creative mind sees potential.

“My family and friends who had seen the inside of the garage know what I am talking about. You could not see the floor nor get to the back door,” said Stephenson.

She decided to clean out the station, build a loft for storage and build on to make room for a new business adventure. Everything Nice flower shop and Coco’s Bistro will continue as they are.

“I am always up for a challenge and have never been afraid of hard work or to try something new,” she said.

The Station will have a soft opening this week. Some florals, along with other things in the shop, will be featured items she has created from old or discarded pieces.

She’s especially excited to have more showroom space – about 2,000 square feet – and about moving years of collected furniture and other things from several storage places. And she’ll have a massage room for former and new clients.

Adding the upstairs loft and stairs have conjured a favorite part of the space.

“I know you can see it better not all scrunched up,” she said.

Stephenson has a million things she wants to be doing with old pieces of furniture, shelves, and mirrors: making beautiful flowers and birdbaths out of old dishes and birdhouses and bird feeders out of wood, signs and pictures, just to mention a few.

“You might say making old stuff new again: upcycling magic the best way I know how,” Stephenson said.

She's more than ready to give it her heart and soul.

“I am very excited and a little scared at the same time," she said. “I’ve been dreaming about this for as long as I can remember. Some say 'why?' I say, 'why not?' I’m a big dreamer.”