Of all the holidays, Valentine’s Day means flowers the most.

In Stilwell, two florists have been sharing their talents for decades: Diane Mays and Colene Stephenson.

Colorful bouquets and a variety of gift items, perfect for giving or adding to a gift basket, are available at Fragrance and Flowers and Everything Nice. Mays was just completing an order on Feb. 3. She’s already filling requests for Feb. 14.

“We’ll make a lot of one-of-a-kinds guys love when they come in. Arrangements are ready to go and they can choose one they like,” said Mays.

She welcomes guys, or gals, to send her a photo of an arrangement they’ve found and like.

“If they can send a photo, I can make it just for them, what they like,” Mays said.

One photo she saw had a jewel in the center of a red rose.

“I’m going to put little jewels in the center of each rose in one arrangement,” she said.

Some guys put a lot of thought into purchasing floral gifts.

“It means so much to the guys. This guy was so proud. It means a lot to them to get their girl what they want,” Mays said.

Flowers are such a special gift, and wives and girlfriends especially like to receive them at work.

“They want it at work so they can show it off. If a guy wants to get brownie points, Valentine’s Day is the holiday,” said Mays.

Every Valentine's Day, Stephenson remembers her first in business.

In January 1978, while pregnant with son Sean, Stephenson opened her first flower shop. Sean was born a month later on Feb. 15.

“I always knew how much I loved him, but after his heart attack in May, I love him even more. He’s my forever valentine,” she said.

Today at Everything Nice, it’s hearts, flowers, balloons, smash hearts, candy bags, and stuffed animals.

“We continue to add something new each year. We do beautiful chocolate-covered strawberries, and have lots of sweets. We make fresh and silk arrangements and have potted plants,” Stephenson said.

The week of Valentine's Day, she’ll be open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and for cash purchases, it’s 10 percent off.

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