COVID numbers are down, Adair County Emergency Management Coordinator Dianna Yell reported during the regular meeting of the Adair County Commissioners on Monday morning.

“The numbers are still going down. Between March 15 and 19, there were only three cases,” said Yell.

The COVID Task Force will stop holding weekly meetings on Zoom unless needed again, she said.

A couple of new trees will soon be adding to the landscape of the Adair County Courthouse. Commissioners approved the addition of decorative trees to the courthouse to be donated by Josie Harris, including a Kwanza Cherry and Sugar Flash Fire Maple to be purchased from Westwood Garden.

Steve Garrett, a financial adviser, was approved to apply for Cares Act 2 funds and will receive a half percent of the total amount of any money collected due to his efforts. A stolen backhoe from District 2 was approved for disposal to clear it from the books. It has not been recovered.

An annual donation of $10,000 for Adair County Park was received Monday. The funds are used for upkeep and as needed work, said Commissioner Mike WIninger.

County Assessor Tracy Sims reported her office will be closed for training on software the week of April 5-9, most of each day. A box will be put on the security desk for people to drop off paperwork and messages taken and returned at the end of the day.

All county commissioners were present, except for Larry Wood, who had back surgery on Monday morning. Billy Bateman sat in for Wood.