Adair County Board of Commissioners agreed on Monday morning, May 9, to give the Election Board a full-time temporary staff until the end of the fiscal year, June 30.

Election Board Secretary Jan Wilhite told the commissioners the work load has increased for several reasons, including people not getting their 911 addresses updated.

“We’re having to look up every 911 address in the county. People still need to update their 911 address to be assigned a place to vote. There’s a post-election audit this week. We need help; we’re overloaded,” Wilhite said.

She was told it would take two years to get all the 911 addresses caught up.

“We need every voter to be registered with their 911 address. Some registrations still have eye color and height they’re so outdated,” Wilhite said.

The temporary 40 hours per week were approved.

County Assessor Tracy Sims asked the commissioners to consider closing the courthouse at noon on Friday to allow for setup for the Strawberry Festival.

“We have 136 vendors and will be marking off spots Thursday evening,” said Sims.

The commissioners agreed.

The monthly donation from the Cherokee Nation to Adair County EMS was accepted. This is to help with payroll while the service gets billing established.

Approved for public service permits were Red’s Energy Services and Jerry’s Excavation, along with a cooperative agreement with USDA-APHIS Wildlife Services for $2,400.

“That’s to clear beaver dams or get a skunk from under a house,” said Commissioner Sam Chandler.

Funds were moved into the retirement account.

“We’re about $8,000 short; I asked for $10,000 to cover it through June,” said County Clerk Cathy Harrison.

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