Repairs to the courthouse and a COVID-19 report that addressed seniors age 65 and above were part of the Adair County Commissioners regular weekly meeting on Monday, Jan. 4, at 8:30 a.m. in the meeting room.

Those 65 and older can now contact the Adair County Health Department to make arrangements for a vaccination, according to Dianna Yell, Adair County Emergency Management director.

“Last year there were 1,962 positive and today we have 276 active positives. Vaccines are beginning. First responders got their Saturday and folks 65 and older can call the health department to schedule their,” said Yell.

Phase II will start really fast, she said.

In other business, it was agreed that County Commissioner Mike Wininger will continue as chairman of the board and Larry Wood as vice chairman. 

A discussion about repairs to the courthouse with Cy Bray took the most time of the meeting.

“The real problem is procedure is not being done. Instead of going to Wendy mast and filling out the paperwork, people are going to you,” said Bray, who works part time on repairs.

Working withWendy is the best way to keep organized, he said.

“I don’t need however many bosses as there are offices here. I have one boss, you guys,” Bray said.

He hired a young guy to do some of the work, like hanging a door, but the worker didn’t have enough experience.

“I hired him and paid him $13 an hour out of my pocket, but he wasn’t able to do everything he said he could. I had to show him how to rehang a door he had on backwards, and it took him 2 1/2 hours to hang a camera that takes me 30 minutes,” Bray said.

Adair County Clerk Cathy Harrison asked if he had the first paper everyone had agreed on repairs.

Bray said he did, but that some of the work on there, such as cleaning, isn’t his job.

Wood pointed out that due to COVID-19 trustees weren’t available.

“I’m tired of cobwebs and fingerprints,” said Wood.

There was also concern about trustees falling off of a lift, if one was provided.

Bray said he’d contacted a company out of Tulsa to hang the awnings.

“People need to follow procedure and go to Wendy. Cy should supervise some of the work,” said Wood.

It was agreed to table the issue for 30 days to see how the work proceeds.

A third item discussed was brought up in new business by Yell.

“There’s a real need in our county to get the 911 address updates in Google Maps. Other fire departments have this. On Saturday, first responders were about a mile away from an nonresponsive person and it took a while to locate him,” Yell said.

County Commissioner Sam Chandler said the post office has to approve the 911 addresses before Google will do anything. He wondered if the district attorney could write a letter about this topic.

Sheriff Jason Ritchey said an app called E Cop helps update addresses for the dispatchers, and that Rep. Markwayne Mullin is also helping.

Minutes from the previous weekly meeting, blanket purchase orders and claims were approved, as were two public service permits for Adair County Rural Water District 2 in sections 15 and 31. The amount of $10,000 was transferred within highway account T-1B D3 to T-1B D1. A quit claim deed from The Ivan and Sherry E. Rogers Revocable Trust to Adair County for Lots 147 and 148 in Flint Ridge were approved.