Adair County will be receiving some much-needed updates to the county’s mapping system in late 2021 or early 2022 thanks to a grant awarded by the Oklahoma 911 Management Authority.  The NG-911 (Next Generation-911) Deployment grant is made available for the creation, maintenance or improvement of GIS maps to meet or exceed the Oklahoma NG9-1-1 GIS and Addressing Standard.


Adair County 911 Coordinator Tina Longshore said “We are so pleased to have received these funds.  While we are making progress in the overall 911 system for the county, mapping has consistently been an issue for us all.” The current mapping provider is using a 2017 version map as the base layer for our mapping while the state 911 currently uses a 2019 version map.  USDA is currently flying the entire state and that map should be available for use around November of this year.  


You can help by making sure your 911 address is visible from the street or road you live on from both directions.  If your mailbox is not directly in front of your home, make sure your driveway is marked with the correct address so the new mapping will accurately reflect your location.  If your county road sign is faded or missing please call the county commissioners at 918-696-5310 to request a new sign.


Once the project is completed county residents should see improved accuracy of mapping and locating addresses which is critical for first responders and 911 call takers in dispatching and rendering aide in emergency situations.  Adair County routinely shares data with Google, Waze as well as the Center for Spatial Analysis at the University of Oklahoma for public use.  Longshore said that these providers don’t always use the information we send but we are hopeful they will all utilize the new mapping once it is completed.


The project will include performing new street centerline enhancements, in-house address point analysis, field collection of data, update and/or correction of city and town limit boundaries and refresh state and county data using the most current maps available from the state. Funding for the project includes $35,400 from Federal sources, $11,800 from State sources and $11,800 matching funds from Adair County 911.  


Adair County 911 recently completed a feasibility study for consolidation of 911 services in the county.  That project focused on the efficient operation of a single 911 call center versus the current system of Adair County, City of Stilwell and Town of Westville each employing dispatchers and call-takers. This is a first-step to modernizing how the emergency services are delivered in the county.  Each agency is considering the results of that study as well as visiting other counties that have consolidated 911 centers.


The next project for 911 is to pursue grant funding for new call-taking equipment computers, software, new voice recorders and back-up power generation. 

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