Planning for the proposed city hall was discussed during the Stilwell City Council meeting on Monday, Oct. 4, at 5:30 p.m. at the Senior Citizens building.

Economic Development Director Shelldon Miggletto provided a rendering of the plans and how the new city hall will look. They’re ready to dig for the pad, then refill to stabilize the ground.

Council members approved the $15,000 to begin the preliminary construction work,which will be done by the street department. Also approved was $4,074 for soil and core testing for the project.

A golf course – or at least a design for three holes for a golf course – was approved by the council. Carl Szafranski will design the course, which will be north of the soccer fields at the Edna M. Carson-Stilwell Community Park and Sports Complex, for $16,000. GRDA will donate $13,000 and Kiwanis Club of Stilwell and the Stilwell Chamber of Commerce will also contribute $1,500 each to the project.

“There is interest by the school, for the students to practice there. It will be a minimum of three holes, but there 9.6 acres, so there’s room for more holes. We have one donor interested because it’s a lifelong activity, and he doesn’t even play golf,” said Miggletto.

Design elements will incorporate the low and wet areas of the park, he said.

“And it will help attract people to the area,” he said.

Council member Lane Kindle called the project "absolutely awesome."

"This is the kind of stuff we should be doing," he said. “Golf is a business skill for youth."

The plans were approved, contingent on funding.

Plans to support the Great American Smoke Out event for Nov. 18 were approved. The council also OK'd a resolution now recognizing Columbus Day as Indigenous Peoples Day.

Tasers for $17,444.65 will be purchased for the police department, along with Dash Cam systems for $10,000. And for Adair Park, aerators, floating docks and restroom repair for $20,000 were approved. For D.B. Gaines park, $6,000 was earmarked for a matching TSET grant for improvements.

Plans are moving ahead for a firing range for the police department near the city lake. The officers won’t be shooting into the lake, though, Smith said.

“There are environmental requirements for the berm,” said Kindle.

City Attorney Jeff Jones said he would look into it.

The city hall building will get its roof repaired, metal trim replacements and new futures, as will the Armory.

In her mayor's comments, Jean Ann Wright said she attended the Oklahoma Municipal League conference, along with Council member Coye Nettles and City Clerk Larry Nettles, for in-service training.

“We made a lot of good contacts, and it was interesting,” Wright said.

In department reports, Chief of Police Chad Smith said that in September, his officers filed 95 reports, went on 583 calls, made 62 arrests, and patrolled 9,215 miles, or about 28 per day. They worked four motor vehicle accidents. They took in $9,299 in fines with $291,599 outstanding warrants, some from decades back.

Smith noted his reserve officer who was shot last month was having issues with bone healing and would be still in need of medical care.

“Keep her in your prayers,” Smith said.

Fire Chief David Bruner said they worked two house fires in the city and one in the county; five grass gives in the city and 12 in the county; two vehicle fires in the city and one in the county; six motor vehicle accidents in the city; and one lift assist for EMS in the city, with a total of 32 runs for September.

Municipal Works Director Dale Dandridge reported they were still mowing and weedeating and picking up lots of brush. They picked up 308 tons of trash.

“People have been busy cleaning up their property,” Dandridge said.

They also cleaned weeds out at Adair Park to make places to fish. Wright noted she saw a dozen people fishing out there last weekend, and a family reunion on Sunday brought a lot of people to enjoy the park.

“It’s gotten really busy,” Wright said.

At Carson Park, there were two softball tournaments, said Willis Hothouse, with the Parks Department.

“It all went well. We put down two loads of infield materiel and that’s helping,” said Hothouse.

They also put crushed granite on the fields.

Shawn Noel, community development director, has been working with the Wildlife Department.

“They did a walk-through and told us how to take are of the fish population,” said Noel.

Currently, three people at the park are now paying to camp. Showers will be up and running in a few days. And Noel has talked to Josh Gilstrap about rebuilding the waterfall.

As for Animal Control, they had 63 calls in September, Noel said.

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