Adair County Resource Center Food Pantry will be open Thursday, Jan. 13,  from 8:30 a.m. -11 a.m.

Attendance for morning worship at Rock Springs Baptist Church on Sunday January 9, was 42. The women of the church will meet Thursday, Jan. 13, at 7 p.m. for food and fellowship, you are invited to join them.

Happy birthday T. W. Workman on January 9. His family took him out to eat. Happy Birthday on January 11, to John Auffet.

The weather in Rock Springs Valley has been pretty nice, no snow, only a little rain and it’s not freezing, but the windchill has made it seem colder. Minnesota reported -50 degrees windchill last week, so I guess we shouldn't complain, just thank God we don’t live there.

If it gets too warm, the little yellow Jonquils will think spring is here and poke their heads out and get frozen as it is only January.

There is not much news in Rock Springs Valley, but if you have news of visitors or other news please call me and I will let people know who visited you.

Continue praying for America and all the leaders, Paula Atar, Scott Baird, Adair County students and teachers, John Auffet, Jeff Brown and his father, George Croley, James Essary, Larry and Gloria Eubanks, everyone with COVID, Chuck Glass, Cathy Matthews, Cathy Harrison, Bill and Vinia Presley, Chris and Rhonda Presley,Jennifer Pettigrew, Peggy Blakemore, Frank Workman, T.W. Workman, Yvonne Workman, and Lacy Workman.

Until next time, the heart is the happiest when it beats for others. John 15:15 says, “Greater love has no man than he lays down his  life for his friends.”

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