Work life balance. Do you even think about that? 

Perhaps since the pandemic people have reconsidered priorities and many young people graduating from college want to not work their life away. They want to work to live, not live to work, as a young friend recently told me.

Hmmm. Times do change.

During the pandemic, before returning to Adair County in May of 2020 as editor, my honey and I would enjoy watching walking tours through other countries, and larger cities in the U.S. as well as museums on You Tube on television. It’s fascinating to walk the streets, especially with the ones that record the actual sounds of traffic, nature and people talking as they walk. These shows not only enhance my knowledge of geography but offer windows into other places and people.

But it is through shows like Mediterranean Life and International House Hunters that I’ve been seeing people who share the reason for relocating is to spend more time with family and less commuting or working. They want to enrich their lives and enjoy free time more.

Some say it is an adjustment to slow down, that they’ve intentionally made to enjoy life more, have less stress and hopefully live longer.

“Every day is like a vacation. I can work in the morning, go to the beach during lunch or quit work earlier and spend time enjoying recreation. And traveling more,” they say.

People are moving to Malta, Nice, Costa Del Sol, Athens, Crete, Croatia and Dalmatia, for example. How many of these can you find on a map? Or would you consider living and raising a family?

It’s always interesting to see what is typical for homes, communities, apparel and the healthy fresh and sometimes strange (to me) food available at markets. And to see traditional and historic homes with hand-painted tiles and native stone, and charming communities, and see what modern homes or apartments offer.

It is also fascinating to watch how the couples negotiate with each other. And it’s fun to guess which house they’ll choose and why?

Ultimately people are in search for more peaceful lives, that often come with breath-taking sea and mountain views from balcony’s and bedrooms.

Many say, at the end of the show, “I’m happy to spend the rest of my days here.”

Where would you go if that was an option, or are you already there?



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