Thanksgiving is a time to gather with loved ones and reflect on the many blessings the Lord has bestowed upon us. For many, it is one day of the year to find reprieve from life’s daily challenges and pause to break bread with family and friends. We all know the holidays can be a hard time for some, and this year, the Biden Administration is only making it worse.


This year’s Thanksgiving holiday is shaping up to be the most expensive one yet. Inflation is at a 31-year high and there is no sign of it slowing. Last month, the consumer price index rose 6.2 percent, which is the fastest growth rate the United States has seen in over three decades. This means Americans will be forced to pay 15 percent more for their Thanksgiving meal than last year. For example, turkey is up 18 percent, pumpkin pie is up 17 percent, and potatoes are up 13 percent, which are just a few of my favorites from our Thanksgiving meal.


Not only are these staples more expensive, but the supply chain crisis is making them harder to find. According to the Wall Street Journal, grocery stores are seeing a range of four to eleven percent decrease in supplies of food and household items. Those expensive turkeys I just mentioned are already out of stock at more than half of all grocery stores and we’re still a week away from the holiday.


Unfortunately, the bad news doesn’t stop there. It’s not just the meal that will cost more - getting to the table will too. Car rentals are up 39 percent and hotel stays are up 25 percent. I also probably don’t have to tell you that gas prices are at a 7-year high and that heating your home as you host your guests will cost 54 percent more.


While this is a time we should be thankful and reflect on our blessings, we can’t ignore the problem that the Biden Administration created. Inflation has found its way into every aspect of Americans’ lives and right to the kitchen table. Families should be focused on carving their turkeys instead of carving these increased costs out of their pockets.


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