President Biden recently unveiled his broken budget proposal that promises rising inflation, higher taxes, and soaring debt. It’s clear he is continuing on a spending crusade to jam through his radical socialist agenda at the expense of the American people.


Inflation is rising at the fastest pace in thirteen years. Gas prices are at a seven-year high. Unemployment has risen above 6.1 percent. The national debt hit $28.3 trillion. And to make matters worse, in April we saw the worst jobs report in decades. So far, President Biden’s answer to these problems has been more taxes and more spending. This misguided strategy is not sustainable.


The disastrous economic consequences of this budget are made worse by the radical priorities that it will fund. President Biden’s budget proposal includes $69 trillion in spending over ten years, taxpayer funding for abortions, a tax rate higher than China, and billions in socialist green energy programs. In 2021 alone, President Biden is on track to add $3.7 trillion to our national deficit, which is the highest in American history.


President Biden’s budget disaster is the largest proposed expansion of government ever, and his Administration has made it clear that the era of big government is back. It seems that this Administration will spare no expense in their effort to force their socialist ideas on the American people. If we continue on this path of reckless spending, President Biden will bankrupt our nation and saddle our children with crippling debt.


Thankfully, Congress, not the president, holds the power of the purse and decides how taxpayer dollars are spent. I will continue to stand up for fiscal responsibility and policies that allow our economy to thrive.