When the cooler weather arrives and Halloween is over, I start wanting the trees to be in their fall attire.  If they are not getting there quick enough for me, I start moaning and groaning that it is not going to be a pretty fall. Well, I did that, and then one morning this week, the trees became beautiful overnight!  I was enthralled and praising God all day and have been ever since.  Jim was sure to remind me that I am just too impatient.

Our scripture reading today was from Mark 13:1-13. In these verses, Jesus is warning his disciples to not be deceived.  Jesus goes on to say that there will be many who will claim to be him. There will be rumors of war and nation will rise against nation. There will be earthquakes and famine. Jesus tells his disciples that they will be flogged in the synagogues and brought to trial. He went on to say that they should not worry about what to say, because the Holy Spirit will give them the right words. Even thought men will hate them, the disciples should stand firm and, in the end, will be saved.  

The title of Marty’s sermon was “Resist Deception”.  In Roget’s Thesaurus it defines deception as an action meant to deceive, trick or take-in.  When I looked up deceive it said to cause to accept what is false, especially by trickery or misconception. Satan has sent and will continue to send many people to deceive us into believing they are the next messiah.  Do you remember Jim Jones and the thousands he tricked into believing he was Jesus and had them drink the poison Kool-Aid and thousands died?  Those kinds of people trick us by small deceptions at first and then twisting words so that what they say seems plausible.

If we believe that Jesus is the Son of God, we ask for forgiveness of our sins, and live a moral life while loving the Lord, our souls will be saved.  Our bodies will go to dust, but our souls will be immortal.  Jesus saves us spiritually, and our souls will be with Him in heaven.  Not one person knows when Jesus will return.  Even he did not give a specific time.  But Marty said that when even remote tribes have heard the gospel and have been given the chance to believe, that is when Jesus will come back.  We have the Bible to read and have the chance to save our souls, but it is up to us to do it.  Until next time, have a blessed week.

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