In the Shadows – Wild West Bigfoot Bonanza

Members of the Mid-America Bigfoot Research Center (MABRC) helped put on an event at Cowboy Town, near Anadarko.

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This last weekend I spent with other members of the Mid-America Bigfoot Research Center (MABRC) helping to put on an event at Cowboy Town, here in Oklahoma, near Anadarko. Events like this allow the MABRC to meet with the public, present evidence and other information to the audience and even get them to engage in the discussions and some actually talk about their own sightings of Bigfoot.

While some technical difficulties occurred, the MABRC was able to overcome them and present five times, thanks to Jim Whitehead, Carl Hartline and myself. After the presentations, Cowboy Town’s sheriff had to round up some ruffians with the aid of Bigfoot in a great little gunfight that had everyone entertained. 

A town hall meeting was held where the public asked questions about Bigfoot and researching them, and quite a few interesting questions were answered. And then it was on to the Bigfoot Calling contest in which there were several good calls done, but the winner was excited to win the trophy and a replica cast of a Bigfoot track.

Kerri Martin and Henri Edge led the night hike where folks were allowed to go out on a listening post, use parabolic listening devices, look through thermal scopes and more.

The event was a great success and the MABRC wanted the owner to keep all the proceeds of the event to expand the Cowboy Town property, as it is used for schools and church groups to come and learn about the Old West and how it was in those days.

Many people believe Bigfooting is just running out in the woods, but some Bigfoot Research groups do try to help great causes by doing events like this.

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