COLUMN:In the Shadows:The Paul Freeman Footage

Article 30

This week’s article deals with the Paul Freeman footage from 1994 in which he captured a Bigfoot walking across in front of him and disappearing up a trail away from him.  The possibility of a second Bigfoot further up on that trail has been debated for years since the footage was released.

Although a controversial Bigfoot researcher, Paul had long brought in a large number of footprint casts that many scientists like Jeff Meldrum and Grover Krantz deemed convincingly to be critical pieces of evidence regarding Bigfoot.

The footage was obtained while he was tracking several sets of footprints in the Blue Mountains region of northeastern Oregon. While the resolution of his video camera at the time has further complicated efforts to authenticate the video as being a real Bigfoot, a large percentage of Bigfoot researchers consider it likely that he did indeed capture a Bigfoot on videotape.

It has even been debated that the Bigfoot seen in the footage stops to pick up a juvenile Bigfoot before continuing down the trail away from Paul.  Yet the resolution again has prevented researchers from making this an absolute find, instead, keeping it out there as a possibility.  

You can find the Paul Freeman footage on the Bigfoot Field Guide Website at or on YouTube. Judge for yourself whether Paul actually captured a Bigfoot on film, or is it someone in a costume.