Article 93 - Most folks tend to think that Bigfoot researchers only look into new incidents involving Bigfoot, but this is far from the truth, as historical incidents have to be taken into account and researched just as thoroughly as recent ones.

Some of you may know who Janice Carter is, as she has appeared on several TV shows back about 10 to 15 years ago.  She made claims that her family had lived in close proximity to a family of Bigfoot and that she had grown very familiar with the head of that family, who she named Fox.

Back in the early 2000’s, a number of researchers who were very biased went to her location and made a lot of outlandish claims about Bigfoot activity, they were biased because they wanted to believe her stories and allowed themselves to be swallowed up in her wild tales.

So, we fast forward to the beginning of 2023, and I find myself archiving all the information related to the initial investigations of her stories, and an investigation years later by a noted cryptozoologist and author Jerry Coleman who went on site and pretty much disproved all her claims.

The amount of information that needs to be archived is pretty extensive, and people may wonder why, as researchers we archive that information.  The reason is very simple, we do not want to lose those items to the bottomless pit of the Internet where things go when a website goes down, or the information is no longer available through other means.  This also allows newer researchers coming into the community to access these historical documents and other information so that they can distinguish between fact and fiction.

I’ve gathered so much archival information that it will literally take me a year to go through it all working 24/7 for that year, but the repository of that information will hopefully help others to filter through the real incidents that have occurred with those that are just made up.

Learn more about Bigfoot research by making plans to attend the 2023 Oklahoma Bigfoot Symposium March 11th and 12th, at CC Camp just south of Stilwell.  Current speakers are Lauren Smith, host of Night Callers Bigfoot Radio show, Robert Swain who comes back after a hiatus of a few years, Steven James, Jim Whitehead and yours truly D.W. Lee.  

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