Article 64 -- Part 3 of 4 -- I recorded some vocalizations a few years back that I really think would draw them in, but I honestly am afraid to use it as it appears by the situation to be a territory dispute.  I may be fairly gutsy out there, but I sure don’t want to challenge them to territory. So, as of yet we haven’t tried it.

Another recent “new” idea was walking with a camera mounted to see behind you. This gal went absolutely ballistic when she was told that it has and is being done as part of research.  It was sad and comical all at the same time to see the responses on that post from folks. The ornery me wanted to post “yep, it was her newidea that the captured inter-dimensional Sasquatch we got last week was used to transport us into the future and steal that new idea and transport back years ago and implement just so she couldn’t take credit for it!”  

I seriously fear that someone may have believed it as a fact.  At the Mid America Bigfoot Research Center, we have used for years, the saying of thinking outside the box, but I think that has been taken as a challenge by some folks who don’t know what a box is.  

So, if you aren’t into Bigfoot, to try and make a name for yourself, seek attention, or stroke your ego and just want to help try and prove the existence of an undocumented critter, what should you do? Join a group? If so what group? These can actually be easily answered. Do your research. How long has the group been around? What possible evidence have they shared? Are they close enough for you to easily participate? Do they have enough people to help with analyzing possible evidence you collect? What is the group’s goals in research?  

Don’t look for the perfect group because there are none. Each has folks with egos. Each has some members that don’t get along with members of other groups. Do they have info on their websites that shows what they do? What they have found? 

When you find one that seems to fit for you, humbly join it. My personal advice would also be to stay off Facebook unless you look at it the same way you do the TV shows, as entertainment.  Don’t get me wrong, there is some actual good information there, but you usually must wade through two tons of bull crap to find it and for me it is not worth my research time to do it.

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