COLUMN:In the Shadows – Bigfoot Camouflage

A collection of casts considered to be Bigfoot assembled with many of them, on the far end, collected in Oklahoma.

In the Bigfoot Community, there are multiple views of how Bigfoot can hide itself from being spotted in the woods. Some are far fetched as that Bigfoot can cloak, completely hiding itself, but this in itself is something that can’t happen, no animal in the world can cloak itself.

If you have ever watched the movie, ‘Harry and the Hendersons’ the last scene shows them saying goodbye to Harry, and as he turns to leave, he walks right by several bushes and trees that suddenly turn around and expose themselves as Bigfoot that have been standing there the entire time they were saying goodbye.

About 10 years ago, I interviewed some witnesses to an incident that occurred near Stilwell, in which three boys were working on a ranch, and part of their job was to go check on the cattle in the field. Down in the bottoms, they noticed one of the cows laying behind what they thought was a bush and it wasn’t moving. Walking down to the spot, they were about 100 feet from the cow, when suddenly the bush stood up on two legs, turned towards them and bellowed. They were certain that it was a Bigfoot looking at them, as it moved off into the woods a short distance away. Scared of what they had just seen, they ran all the way back up to the ranch house and got an adult to go back down there with them carrying a rifle. Apparently from what it appeared, the Bigfoot had either killed the cow or had come upon the cow after it had died, and began eating on it when the boys interrupted it.

While I was in the Boy Scouts, I heard of an incident at Camp Fred Darby over at Welling, where a young Scout had gotten lost during the night so they sent the staff members out to look for him.  As a group of the staff members were crossing the baseball diamond on the southern end of the camp, they walked by a large bush in the middle of the diamond.  As they were busy looking for the young Scout, they didn’t pay much mind to the bush until they traveled back across the diamond, and to their amazement, the bush was gone. While they can’t say for sure it was a Bigfoot, it fit in with other tales of Bigfoot squatting down like a bush.

Years later, three Mid America Bigfoot Research Center researchers were on a night hike that the trail took them through a small grove of evergreen trees. One of the researchers noticed that there were two evergreen trees right alongside the trail as they went through, but when they came back through about an hour later, the two trees had disappeared.  Still unable to claim it was Bigfoot, it was disturbing that the trees had disappeared like that.

Although it can’t be proved that Bigfoot was responsible for the last two incidents, other incidents I will write about in the weeks to come, show that Bigfoot possibly can make itself appear as a bush or evergreen tree just by standing still or hunkering down and staying still.