COLUMN:In the Shadows – Article 24:Vocal Interactions with a Bigfoot continued

Listen to Bigfoot vocal interactions on audio files on,

In continuing with last week’s article, it’s on the website for those who missed it, we continue with the events that occurred that night.  As the team was heading into the valley to set up the listening post that all the action ended up happening from, a very profound footprint was discovered as the team went down the trail.  Several other tracks were there, but none as distinguishing as this one.  It was nearly run over with the four wheelers but was avoided at the last minute.  This gave the team an indication that there were possibly Bigfoot in the area, as the track was marked for later when the team came back.  

After the vocal interactions you can listen to these audio files on, had occurred and the sighting of the white Bigfoot, the team retired back to camp with the plan to cast the track that next morning before breaking camp.  Later that night however, one of the researchers heard movement outside their camper and as she peered outside, she spotted a large bi-pedal figure walking through the middle of the camp, as if it didn’t have much care about being spotted.

As has been discovered through a lot of interaction with the Bigfoot in the valley research area, they seem to follow out the four wheelers, perhaps to make sure that the ATVs actually leave the valley and that the Bigfoot can rest a little easier that humans aren’t in the valley.  This occurred in the infamous 4-wheeler being picked up incident in the valley nearly two years later and which we will talk about in later articles.

With all the activity the listening post team had drummed up that night, other incidents happened at camp after the researchers turned in about 3:30 a.m., including something making growling and huffing noises behind a row of shrub trees on the gravel bar by the creek. This and other noises were picked up by the camp audio recorders, further giving the researchers some pause over how close the Bigfoot had come, including walking through the middle of camp. Because of this and incidents like it on other expeditions, a thermal camera is now placed in an overwatch position of the camp to record any heat signatures moving through.

The great thing about thermal cameras, is if something produces heat, it will be picked up by the camera, unless it hides behind a cedar tree, thermals have a hard time penetrating those.

In a few weeks, the Mid-America Bigfoot Research Center will be going back out on their annual Memorial Day Weekend Expedition, in hopes of obtaining more evidence to bring back to show everyone.  Until next time folks, keep your eyes open and your ears listening around you when you are in the woods, you never know what might be out there watching you.