COLUMN: In the Shadows: An 8-year-old hoax is back

In the Shadows – Article 32

The problem with social media online is that anyone can post pictures from years ago and create their own background story, and what is really amazing about it all, is that large numbers of people will fall for the story.

In 2013, someone posted pictures supposedly of a ‘Bigfoot’ walking along Table Rock Lake in Kimberling City, Missouri, and no further information was released outside of this initial claim, even to the point that the individual(s) that initially released it never came forward to answer any of the questions about the pictures or the event outside of what was originally posted.

In the last week, the pictures suddenly popped up in multiple groups on Facebook related to Bigfoot, and nearly every time it was posted, it was from a different location around the United States with a different story surrounding it.

The longtime Bigfoot Researchers who were active at the original date of these pictures appearing, have tried hard to educate the new people coming into the Bigfoot community that these pictures were fake. How do they know it’s fake??

It’s a person dressed up in a costume, you can tell the way the fake fur drapes down in places and does not adhere to any muscles on the figure underneath. One of the photos actually shows the seam between the torso portion of the costume and the pants part, and you can see the cuffs where they meet the gloves. It turned out that it was a gorilla costume that someone wore and walked along the bank of the lake while their friend sat out in a boat taking the pictures.

I will also post the pictures here on for anyone that wants to look at them. Folks should always remember that when you get into Bigfoot research, that there is a long history of hoaxes, events, sightings and other items that you should make yourself aware of.  If you do repost photos and someone tells you that was proven a hoax years ago, if they have been in the Bigfoot community for any length of time (we are talking 10 years or more) they probably know what they are talking about.

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