COLUMN:In the Shadows- The cemetery Bigfoot family incident

Our entire party stood watching the Bigfoot for roughly four or five minutes,

During the early days of my delving into Bigfoot research on the scale I am in it today, I would go ghost hunting with my family. One of those trips took us to a cemetery that was created back in the 1800’s, as a matter of fact, there is a large portion of headstones that are nothing more than just square rocks without any information on them.

The night this happened, myself, my wife, and five others went out to take pictures with an old Canon digital camera that did great for ghost hunting.  

We had spent roughly 45 minutes in the cemetery taking photos at random, and the flash lit up the area, drawing the attention of anything within a mile or two.

This would soon be the way we stirred up Bigfoot activity in the area. We would take pictures with the flash inside the cemetery and it would get them stirred up. We would hear vocalizations, have rocks thrown at us and in this instance, we had a sighting.

As we came out of the cemetery gate, everyone gathered around the vehicles and visited for a little bit.  I then walked over to the gate accompanied by my youngest daughter to shut the gate while everyone stood around.

Right after the squeaking of the gate being closed had ceased to echo, I heard a low-pitch thump, or so I thought.  My first inclination was that one of the headstones had fallen after we had been walking around in the cemetery and it had been weakened at the base by our footsteps.  I had a 4 D-cell mag light in my hand, so I began scanning the inside of the cemetery to see if I could see which headstone had fallen.  My daughter was helping me to find it when she gasped.

Nudging me, she pointed towards the back of the cemetery, which was about two acres total land, and muttered, “there is something at the back fence.”

I shined the light towards the back, as she mumbled she thought she had seen a ghost. My light caught a figure standing behind the fence that was a light tannish color, it was twice as high as the fence, and it wasn’t a ghost. 

My daughter said, “That isn’t no ghost.”

She was right, it was a lightly tanned Bigfoot approximately 8-foot-tall standing at the fence line watching us.  

My daughter went and got everyone else to come over as I kept the light on the Bigfoot, it stayed exactly where it had been, not moving an inch.

Once the others arrived, everyone saw the Bigfoot standing there, and it was then, that my other daughter said, “look to the left of it.”

I moved the light just enough to see that a second smaller Bigfoot that was light tanned too was standing there about three feet from the bigger one.  I adjusted the beam on the mag light to show more, and that is when someone else said, “there is another one.”

The beam widened out enough to show a small juvenile Bigfoot standing even further to the left of the others (our left, their right), and all three had been watching us.

I realized that the thump I thought I had heard had been either the Bigfoot grunting or stomping their feet.

Our entire party stood watching the Bigfoot for roughly four or five minutes, when the two guys with us decided to try and go through the gate and get closer.  The minute the gate squeaked open, the Bigfoot turned and left through the vegetation behind them. Several minutes elapsed and we heard what we have come to call the, “wild man scream,” drift through the area from the direction the Bigfoot had taken to get away.  

Everyone was stunned over the encounter, and after a short while, we all loaded up in the vehicles and headed home as a light rain had begun to fall.

This sighting occurred with seven witnesses present, and the location will not be named. The distance of several acres between us and the Bigfoot prevented using the camera to take a photo as the flash would only go out to a maximum of about 25 feet.