COLUMN:In the Shadow: Various Sightings

Article 34

Over the last few weeks, we discussed hoaxes, so now let’s talk about several sightings that have stood out to me over the years.

In the Nicut area south of Stilwell, the activity here for Bigfoot is pretty heavy, mainly due to the abundance of water, food and forest areas in that part of our area.  

The first report deals with a man who had purchased property there and sought to clear some of the land to build a house. So with his bulldozer, he was busy doing just that when it started getting dark and he began working via his dozer’s headlights. He continued working until darkness fell pretty heavy and an incident happened that caused him to quit.  As he turned the dozer around to make another pass at the trees, standing just along the tree line and clearly lit up by the headlights, stood a Bigfoot watching him.  It stood there for a minute or two longer before turning and walking back into the woods.  The man waited several more minutes before turning off the tractor and making a mad dash to his truck where he zoomed away.  He wouldn’t return back to the property, instead having someone else go pick up his dozer and putting the property up for sale.  He wouldn’t go back to the property even in daylight.

The same general area saw a father and son out deer hunting along the bottom of some cliffs when the father told the son to sit at the bottom while he tried to find a way up the cliffs to get a look around.  Being a teenager, and an impatient one at that, the son sat at the bottom until he noticed some small gravel falling off the cliff above him.  Assuming it was his dad at the top, the son stepped away from the cliff bottom and looked up.  To his fright, a white Bigfoot was leaning over the edge of the cliff looking down at him. Without waiting for his dad, the boy hightailed it back to the direction of their vehicle.  

Two researchers spent some time in the area and had spotted a juvenile Bigfoot down by the stream opposite of their camp in broad daylight.  After the juvenile left, scouting the area the men found some tracks, in which one of them marked it with a stack of rocks as it was getting dark and figured he would bring his buddy over in the morning to look at it in the daylight.

During the night though, apparently the juvenile Bigfoot had been watching him, and after it was dark, something, whether the juvenile or not, took the three rocks that were stacked together and made an archway type structure with them.  Now true, the researchers didn’t see a Bigfoot do it, nor did they see a person do it, but the location of the structure was in a location between their tent and the creek, so anybody walking past the tent would have made a crunching noise as they stepped on the creek gravel. As always though, I will never say that it was done by Bigfoot, but its possible or probably done by a Bigfoot.  You will have to be the judge for yourself.