So it is January 4, and Ernie and I just got the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.  First shot.  We get the second one on the 29th. I will be soooooooo glad.   

Now, I am not worried about being micro-chipped through the vaccine. If Bill Gates doesn’t have anything better to do than track me, more power to him.  Also, given that everybody who carries a cell phone that can be tracked, I don’t know why anyone would need to put a tracker in a vaccine. And if there is one in there, it’s awfully tiny because the needle was very small. Also, it’s embedded in the fat in my arm so good luck finding it.

It is true that we don’t know what the long term effects may be, but one of the short term effects of COVID-19 can be dying, so I will take my chances on the long term effects. At my age, the long term effects will have to hurry if they want to take me out.   

We were given seven pages of information about the vaccine, possible side effects, phone numbers and websites if we have concerns, FAQs, etc.  I had read everything I could find (not just Facebook memes or conspiracy theories) before signing up to be vaccinated so there wasn’t much I didn’t already know, but it is a helpful document to have handy. I believe this particular brand is 94 percent effective, but I also assume that if one does contract COVID-19 after taking the vaccine that it will probably be a milder case.  (I base that on having had whooping cough after having had the shot. Mine was a mild case compared to people who hadn’t been vaccinated.  I still coughed, but not enough to lose my breath.)  

You know, after trying to dodge COVID-19 for almost a year, wearing a mask and slathering myself in hand sanitizer every time I leave the house, all of which is reactive, it feels really good to finally do something proactive.