Remember when I shared the story of our kitchen table catching on fire during the holidays? After I shared the story, my youngest son, Jacob, called me and said I had all my facts wrong on our Thanksgiving fire, which in my mind makes it funny all over again. 

In Jacob's version he said he looked over and saw the kitchen table was on fire. He said, "Fire!" and  ran over and put it out. Then, he came into the kitchen to try and "distract me long enough" while they were trying to clear it from the table. 

Jacob said I had heard his girlfriend say, "Fire!" after the fact. 

He didn't even believe the candle was knocked over. He said that even though sweet, dear Aunt Betty said she caused the fire, she wasn't anywhere near the table.

Instead, he said, it looked like someone tossed their napkin on the table and it landed on the candle and then the napkin set the doily and table cloth on fire.

What have I learned from this, besides totally rethinking candles on the table for holiday meals, is never, never ask me to be a witness for a crime scene. I will totally fail. 

It may end up a family controversy for years to come. I've decided the table stays, burns and all. Doesn't matter. It's just funny. Regardless of how we set the table on fire, Jacob is our quick thinking hero!

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