Color guard members revving up for season

Westville color guard team members rehearse with flags in the shade. They’re excited for football season to begin and hope to raise enough funds to attend competitions. From left, are: Kallie Kidd, Brooklyn McDonald, Lacie Pilcher, Kylee Laginess, and Kylie Hinkel.

Westville High School football will be more attractive this season, with the addition of a color guard team to perform on the field.

The team consists of Erin Green, Brooklynn McDonald, LaCie Pilcher, Kylie Hinkel, Katherine Jones, Kallie Kidd and Captain Kylee Laginess. The girls have been hosting fundraisers and even had a booth at the recent Summer Slam, to help with competition and other activities.

They’re learning new routines, how to use flags, and getting to know one another better. Each has her own reasons for showing school spirit through the color guard.

Erin Green, junior, has wanted to be in color guard since watching her sister do it.

“Being in color guard is so fun. I love coming up with new moves, and the friends who come with it,” said Green.

Learning new routines can be stressful, at times.

“But once you get them down, it’s fun to just play around with it and have fun,” said Green.

It’s fun to cheer for the team, she said.

“I love football games because you get to cheer with the band and do all the crazy dances, but most of all, the band bus ride to the games is the best,” Green said.

She’s looking forward competing.

“I am so excited to get the chance to do competition because last year, we didn’t have that opportunity, and learning a routine and getting to wear sparkly clothes makes me happy,” Green said.

Donations are appreciated and help get the things needed for competition and football season, said Green.

Junior Brooklynn McDonald, likes that it's different from all the other activities at school.

“It doesn't involve a ball of any type, it doesn't involve poms; it involves great strength created over time while swinging a flag. It's just different and unique,” said McDonald.

She enjoys the costumes and thinks they're pretty.

“I'm looking forward to the halftime shows when we preform, and I'll be in the routine we came up with and hoping and praying I don't mess something up. It’s very exciting; I've never done anything like it before,” McDonald said.

The team encourages the community to come out and see them perform and show support.

“By coming and watching us perform, it's definitely a boost of confidence when you have people actively cheering you on,” said McDonald.

Camaraderie is so much fun, too.

“I think our team is relatively all close and will be able to excel this year and bring color guard back to what it used to be at WHS,” said McDonald.

LaCie Pilcher, sophomore, is excited about color guard because she gets to help bring back school spirit and maybe inspire younger girls.

“I enjoy our routines, knowing that when season starts, there might be a younger student who might see me as a role model and decide to join color guard because of it. I am looking forward to the halftime at our football games because we will get to perform our routines in front of everyone,” Pilcher said.

Competition season is going to be amazing, she added.

“I can’t wait to do what I love competitively,” Pilcher said.

People can help support color guard by contributing to their various fundraisers, but also by coming to see them perform.

“We are all ready to have a great color guard season this year. Be ready to come support at our first home game on Sept. 16. We can’t wait to see you there,” said Pilcher.

Junior Kylie Hinkel has always been interested in color guard.

“I enjoy learning the new moves and the feeling of accomplishment it gives me. I'm looking forward to the school spirit there is at each and every game, I'll be proud to just be able to cheer for our school,” Hinkel said.

Competition will start in October, said Hinkel.

“I’m excited to be able the represent Westville in color guard again. Keep an eye out on the Westville color guard Facebook page for updates on fundraising events we are doing," she said. “Every single girl on our team is amazing, and I'm glad to be a part of this team."

Katherine Jones, sophomore, joined the group to make friends and have fun.

“I like the sound of the flag and I’m excited to be out on the field,” said Jones.

Senior Kallie Kidd, choreographer, likes getting to show school spirit.

“We work with all different levels of talent. I’m just having fun with my team and enjoying being a Yellowjacket,” said Kidd.

The community can help by just showing up to fundraisers, spreading the word about the organization, and encouraging more people to join Westville High School marching band, said Kidd.

“We really need more band members to have a good season, so if anyone who want to learn to play an instrument or can play an instrument and will be attending Westville High School in the fall, they should join WHS marching band,” Kidd said.

Kylee Laginess, senior, is also captain of the color guard. In seventh grade, she went to band orientation day and watched the color guard perform a competitive routine.

“I knew then it was something I wanted to be a part of. I’ve worked so hard to make this dream a reality and I just hope it follows through,” Laginess said.

She loves performing.

“When you’re standing there with the flag in your hand, it’s like nothing else matters, despite the noise of the crowds all you can hear is the music and the whip of the flag,” said Laginess.

During football games, they will perform stand routines, cheer and get the crowd involved in supporting the players, and perform at halftime shows. Competitions are really exciting and she hopes they can attend.

“Especially seeing how much work and passion the girls have put in. Since we’re looking at multiple routines this year, we have a head of choreography, Kallie Kidd. With the guidance of our sponsor Selena Smith and input from the rest of the team, I know that we’re going to have some show stopping performances this year,” Laginess said.

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